Affiliate Q&A – Jason Dietz, Founder & CEO at The Sportsbook Insider

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For this latest Affiliate Q&A, we sat down with Jason Dietz, Founder & CEO at The Sportsbook Insider. We spoke with Jason about The Sportsbook Insider’s mission, how they plan to connect with users through TheUSGambler and many more interesting tidbits from the affiliate marketing world!

Income Access (IA): Thanks for speaking with us Jason! Can you tell us a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and current role with The Sportsbook Insider?

Jason Dietz (JD): Of course! I've been in the iGaming and sports betting industry since the end of 2017. I originally worked for an affiliate marketing company out of Israel. Our core markets were the UK, France, and Australia - we eventually went on to open Romania and the US markets during my time there as well.

I founded The Sportsbook Insider in the spring of 2022, which owns and operates TheUSGambler. In addition to TheUSGambler, I also own five other domains that we'll begin to put to use as early as this fall. We're a passionate team, but also a small one which means I wear several hats at this early stage of the site.

We've managed to grow rapidly in our short time and we're looking forward to a strong 2022 NFL season.

IA: Influencers are becoming an important factor in the iGaming and affiliate marketing world. How do you see this developing over the next few years?

Influencers are a huge part of the affiliate marketing world and I won't even limit it to iGaming. The world is changing, especially as the younger generations grow up and become consumers, and bettors. The way that people consume content these days, it's much more effective to "go viral" on TikTok than it is to have a great TV campaign. In the iGaming world, especially in the US market, there is an enormous education piece that's still missing. Many potential users don't understand that they can bet and if they do, they don't understand how. I believe it's even intimidating to some.

In the coming years, influencers will be used for their, well, influence but also because people truly listen to them. Influencers will be used for their reach to potential untapped markets in existing GEOs and as a jump into future markets for operators looking for a leg up.

IA: New states are expected to open up in the US as more states pass legislation to legalize elements of online gambling. As new states pop up, what’s your strategy to reach these new users?

I spoiled this one in the last answer! In this industry, you have to be equally as focused on future markets as you are on current markets. We've dedicated time and resources already to markets like Massachusetts and Ohio (where we just announced a weekly show sponsored by Betfred Sportsbook). We're also working with influencers heavily to get our brand out there as an approachable, easy to use, and educational website.

IA: Tell us more about US Gambler, a terrific resource for US punters looking to find the best American online casino!

I created TheUSGambler because I have a passion for sports and gambling. That passion is what I strive to help other people find, or harness properly if they've already found it. Our motto is: There's a Gambler in all of Us. What does that mean? Well, sports betting gets talked about constantly and is at the front of the news because of how many states it's legal in. But there are so many ways to play from sports betting to online casinos, online lotteries, DFS, and more - so there is literally something for everyone. TheUSGambler aims to be a one stop shop for any type of legal betting or gambling available in the US as well as Ontario.

IA: The casino iGaming vertical is a competitive one. What do you and your team do to stand out?

The casino iGaming vertical is competitive and difficult to break into. For sports betting we know what users like to bet on, what type of content they are looking to consume, and how to reach them. For online casinos on the other hand, what does a potential user want to see? Are there influencers or content writers that can create gripping content? The answer is for sure, yes. However, it's still a bit of an unknown. We definitely don't have it down to a science yet but we're trying to use a mix of TikTok, YouTube, and eventually Twitch to create unique videos. We try to put out content that's fun and light but includes some sort of educational message. This is a huge area of focus for us as we strive to be not just a sports site, but a one-stop shop for gamblers.


For more information on The Sportsbook Insider or to discuss a partnership opportunity, contact Jason and the team today.