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    Mahjong Club Joins the Income Access Affiliate Network
    Published : 8/21/2006 (Updated : 1/12/2007 10:45:44 AM)
    Affiliates hoping to profit from the next big online gaming craze are eyeing a game rooted in centuries of history – mahjong. With the launch of the Mahjong Club affiliate program with Income Access, affiliates can now earn competitive commissions at one of the most popular mahjong sites online.

    Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) August 21, 2006 – Mahjong Club (, one of the top mahjong sites online, is pleased to be opening the doors to its affiliate program this August, managed by the Income Access affiliate network ( By joining Income Access, Mahjong Club leverages the network’s reliable affiliate software platform, expert affiliate managers and large network of professional gaming affiliates to expand its player base and deposits.

    Both new and experienced mahjong players are drawn to Mahjong Club, thanks to its free or real money-based play action, interfaces catering to English and Chinese players, generous deposit bonuses (with no play-through requirements), a great refer-a-friend program, and exciting tournament schedules.

    Affiliates promoting Mahjong Club earn competitive revenue share commission rates up to 35%. As a special launch promotion, affiliates throughout August and September will receive a special $5 CPA bonus for every new depositing player making a minimum $25 deposit.

    "Our proprietary gaming software is developed with a creative services department specializing in full multimedia site production, including 3D walk-through environments, video streaming and sound production," said Robert Lee, Club Manager at Mahjong Club.

    "In order to ensure the highest level of security and privacy for player data and private information, all communications between our players and the Mahjong Club server are encrypted and secured under SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the most accepted communications security system for advanced e-commerce over the internet. All player information is kept confidential and is not disclosed or given to any third party. We have a zero tolerance of collusion and fraud policy," Mr. Lee continued.

    "We only allow players to have one account. Our system performs many random security checks and other log-file reviews to preserve system integrity and fair play for all. Any players found to be participating in collusion or fraudulent activities will have their accounts closed without delay," concluded Mr. Lee.

    Backing Mahjong Club's affiliate program are the affiliate software solutions and affiliate management services of the Income Access affiliate network.

    "Mahjong is an incredibly popular game around the world," says Nicky Senyard, CEO
    of Income Access. “Soft games such as mahjong represent the next relatively untapped gaming affiliate marketing opportunity, and we’re thrilled to be giving our affiliates such a top brand to partner with.” is currently welcoming new affiliates through the Income Access affiliate network:

    About Mahjong Club
    Mahjong Club delivers an outstanding mahjong gaming experience and the highest level of security integrity and customer care, based on the Mahjong Mania software developed by Dynasty Gaming Inc.
    They are dedicated to providing both novice and experienced mahjong players with a site that they can enjoy, and be challenged at.

    About Income Access
    The Income Access Affiliate Network is powered by proprietary software and specializes in affiliate marketing for the gaming industry. Established in
    2002 and based in Montreal, Canada, Income Access is operated by a team of seasoned Internet marketing professionals in online gaming. The Income Access Network has been designed to provide gaming sites with the flexibility they need to be profitable and competitive.

    Nicky Senyard
    Income Access


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