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    March 2009 Affiliate Newsletter
    Published : 3/1/2009 (Updated : 3/1/2009)
    March 2009 Affiliate Newsletter
    March 2009 IA Newsletter

    March 2009


    Hope the March edition of our monthly affiliate newsletter finds you well. What do you think of our new layout?

    This month we have lots of exciting news, including two new program launches and a special section dedicated to the upcoming Cheltenham festival for all you sportsbetting affiliates!

    Interested in hearing more of the presentations that we've given at recent conferences? Income Access has created an account on SlideShare. This means that if you miss one of our presentations at a conference or event, you can get the Powerpoint presentation online. Just go to catch up!

    Keep reading for all the latest news and promotions, and keep your eyes out for an upcoming announcement about a poker freeroll tournament for allBetweenDrinks members!


    VC bet does Cheltenham racing festival in style

    Virtue Affiliates Bingo Tips

    Bear Proof


    » Cheltenham Festival Special Feature

    The Cheltenham Racing Festival, taking place from March 10th to 14th, 2009 is one of the biggest events in UK horse racing with 3.36GBP million in purses! As all sportsbetting affiliates know, this is a highly lucrative event to promote to your punter

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