3 Ways That Post-View Tracking Can Help Shape Your Marketing Strategy

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Post-view tracking has been getting a lot of buzz in the digital marketing community lately – what is it, and who should use it? Simply put, post-view tracking is a tool that allows you to track the actions of a potential customer after they view one of your ads, prior to clicking on any calls to action. Often a feature of ad serving, this tool allows you to see whether a customer eventually decided to click through your ad and register and open an account, make a purchase, or complete another conversion action after seeing the ad. We at the Income Access Team have put together a few ways that post-view tracking can help iGaming operators fine-tune their marketing strategies!1. Identify your most effective marketing channelsPost-view tracking lets you determine what your most effective marketing channels are through direct comparison. For example, you can perform A/B testing with the same ad on different channels to see which channel is more effective at getting conversions. While post-view tracking cannot prove that seeing your ad is the only factor that led to a conversion, it gives you a clear picture of the association between your ad and the conversion path. Based on the information you gain from these comparisons, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly, and focus more of your resources on your most effective channels.2. Get concrete information on campaign ROIOne of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is accurately measuring ROI. Post-view tracking allows you to see a player’s value over each of your distinct marketing campaigns and attribute this value to a channel. One way to do this with post-view tracking is to observe the journey a user takes when viewing your ads and analysing where the conversion takes place. This allows you to understand the ROI of different ad campaigns running on the various channels. In gaining a more complete understanding the effectiveness of your ads and channels, you will be in a better position to determine what your most cost-effective attribution point is.3. Improve transparency with partnersThe benefits of post-view tracking aren’t confined to your marketing campaigns and channels – this tool can help develop relationships with your marketing partners as well. The most important benefit to these relationships is that you can be more transparent with your marketing partners about how your respective campaigns are working together, as you will have definitive tracking information about a user’s path post-impression. By sharing conversion data with your media and affiliate partners to see where they are contributing to these successes, you will also be sharing with them how they can better contribute to your campaigns.

Ultimately, post-view tracking will allow you to gather a wealth of valuable information and use it to help you and your marketing partners have a more effective marketing strategy. At Income Access, we provide post-view tracking as a key feature of our ad serving tool. If you’d like to find out a bit more about post-view tracking and ad serving, get in touch with us!