5 Reasons Why PPC is an Effective Acquisition Channel for iGaming

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In an online industry as competitive as iGaming, in order to grow and remain relevant, it is key to maximise your brand’s exposure, particularly in the more saturated markets. One tried and true method of achieving this is to continuously employ new and established marketing practices, to not only attract new customers, but also retain them for the long term. These tactics may also help to accelerate a brand’s introduction into new and emerging markets.

Paid advertising has proven to be among one of the leading marketing practices, notably, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which has gained traction over the past few years through widely used search engine platforms like Google. It has become such an effective method of advertising that according to Forbes, visitors from this channel are 50% more likely to make purchases than organic visitors.

The following article will dive into five of the major benefits PPC advertising has to offer, and what makes it such an effective channel for acquiring customers in the iGaming industry.What are the benefits of PPC for iGaming?1. It is an effective method of direct to consumer marketing. PPC allows you to target your efforts based on specific search phrases you have selected, allowing you to create highly tailored campaigns. With this kind of paid advertising, you can choose for exactly which iGaming-related keywords to show your ads. This ensures that your brand is being displayed the specific player profile who is looking for you, compared to other forms of paid marketing where targeting is done via certain group demographics.

2. It is a measurable and trackable solution. Another advantage of PPC advertising is that it is run via a platform that provides high-level campaign performance breakdowns. In combination with Google Analytics, Google Ads gives detailed insight into impressions, clicks and conversions of each campaign’s traffic, providing you with a clear picture of what you spent and what it drove in terms of your end goals. It is also a compatible with the Income Access tracking solution, which provides an even deeper dive into key metrics, giving you a more holistic view of your campaigns full ROI.

3. It can help you optimise your brand’s campaigns. With Google’s machine learning capabilities, its algorithm is constantly being run while your campaigns are active. This provides you with recommendations to maximise your “optimisation score”, which is based on criteria like ad text, call to actions used, keywords and targeting and bidding and budget. The longer your campaign runs, the more Google helps you to improve your efforts to reach your target player audience.

4. It is a great complement to other digital marketing channels. Since there are so many brands for players to choose from, it is important to create as much exposure as possible, and advertising across multiple avenues is an effective way to do so. Not only is PPC a strong model in its own right, it also works extremely well in tandem with your other channels, such as SEO, mobile and email marketing.

5. Google is the most comprehensive search engine. When running PPC campaigns through Google, you are provided with the option to not only have your ad placed on this search engine, but also across its partner sites. This contributes greatly to increasing your brand’s online reach, making it more visible to potential players who will engage with your gaming site.

Taking all these benefits into consideration, PPC presents itself as a “must use” tool for any iGaming operator. It provides a wealth of valuable data that you can use to optimise your efforts to increase your brand’s visibility and grow your customer acquisition. From our experience, successfully managed PPC campaigns have helped contribute hundreds of high-value new player sign ups to an iGaming brand’s overall acquisition funnel on a monthly basis and led to significantly higher awareness rates.

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