5 Tips to Become a Successful Casino Affiliate

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Guest Blog Post by theAskGamblersTeam

Becoming an online casino affiliate might seem simple, but finding success isn’t easy. Players have more choices than ever, and gaining visibility in an already established market can be a challenge. It takes time, dedication and old-fashioned hard work. So before you take the plunge, make sure your effort pays off by following these five tips.

1) Provide genuine and accurate information

In the past 15 years or so, affiliates have evolved from online salesmen to a key resource for players. There’s no way around it: if you want your website to bring in conversions, you’re going to have to offer something more than just a couple of links and a sales pitch.

At AskGamblers, copy is written by our staff and we provide players a space to share their own experiences with each online casino listed on our site. These player reviews appear on the official page for the given casino. This makes it easy for prospective players to make informed decisions about where to play.

2) Consistently create and distribute great content

If you do a quick search for casino portals, you’re bound to come across a sea of sloppy sites. It’s pretty common to see nothing more than banner ads and regurgitated copy.

Players don’t want or need sites like this. To get people to come to your site, the content you provide has to have meaning. We have recently added a blog section and various infographics to our site. These aren’t designed to sell anything to readers, but rather to boost the credibility of the brand and encourage further exploration of the site.

3) Engage with your readers

You can’t expect to succeed as an affiliate without making your brand a source of communication. Players want to be able to turn to you with questions, feedback and complaints: make sure that they can.

We consider this such a crucial part of the AskGamblers brand that we even have live chat agents. Other outlets, like a forum and active social media pages, have also done wonders for our brand.

4) Develop a unique and useful tool

It’s a basic component of any successful business: you need to have a competitive advantage. No matter what your target demographic is, you must be able to give players something that they won’t find at an already established portal.

Finding your niche isn’t easy – it’s a big reason why so many affiliates fail – but by paying attention to your readers, you can identify where a need is not being met.

For instance, we didn’t always have our advanced complaint service. As more issues with casinos were brought to our attention, we realized that we could streamline the process and offer a higher level of transparency.

5) Keep up with industry trends

As an affiliate, it’s easy to get so focused on your own sites that you lose sight of the big picture. Never forget that you’re a part of a much larger industry that’s growing and changing every day.

The best way to tackle this? Contribute to the industry itself. We have a suite of tools called ‘AskGamblers for Industry’, designed to give unbiased information to players, other affiliates and casino officials.

Now, unless you’re a well-established super affiliate, you probably don’t have the resources to make your own software. That’s okay! Being a part of the industry can be as simple as contributing to affiliate forums and paying attention to what online gambling analysts are saying.

Putting it all to work

Now that you know the key components to being a successful casino affiliate, all that’s left to do is make them work for you. It’s not easy, and you can count on a lot of frustration along the way. However, as long as you focus on giving players real value, finding success is only a matter of time.

Got any tips you’d like to add to our list? Reach out to us or drop a comment below!

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