5 Tips To Create Strategic Content

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A guest blog post by SEO Expert, Roo Wright.

For many years, the phrase “content is king” has held true within the internet marketing circle. While many things have changed over the years, content remains extremely important to your online success.

But here is what you need to remember:

The type of content you produced in the past will not generate the same results in 2016.

Instead, it takes a targeted approach and an understanding of search engines to reach your goals.

With all this in mind, here are five tips to think about as you let the “content is king” mantra drive your marketing strategy:

  1. Quality Over Quantity

Do you remember the days when you could produce 250 word articles, stuffed with keywords, and generate a positive response in the search engines?

This may have worked in 2007, but it’s not going to do much for your website in today’s day and age.

Quality is more important than ever before. Forget about pushing out a high number of low quality articles. You are better off spending your time on high quality pieces, even if it means a smaller number overall.

  1. Longer is Better

This goes along with point number one, but it’s worth mentioning again. You can’t produce high quality content in a couple hundred words. This may be okay from time to time, such as on a product description page, but for blog posts it’s imperative that you opt for a long-form approach.

Many recent studies have shown that the average content length of top 10 search engine results is 2,000 + words. This may not be showing in the gaming sector right now but it’s just a matter of time.

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  1. Don’t Stuff Keywords

You no longer have to stuff keywords into your content to rank for your target terms. In fact, this will work against you (and could even lead to a penalty).

While there is nothing wrong with using keywords, as this comes naturally, you don’t want to go overboard. Let this happen naturally in your content and everything will be fine. Not only will it benefit you from a search engine perspective, but it allows the content to read better as well.

  1. Provide Value

It doesn’t matter what you are writing about. It doesn’t matter how many words you write. If you don’t provide value to your reader, you are missing the boat.

Your primary goal is to provide your audience with the information they are looking for.

For example, if you are writing about “Interesting Bingo Facts,” make sure you provide actionable advice on how to find a service and strategies for winning.

Valuable content will keep people coming back to your site. It is also more likely to be shared via social media.

  1. Say Something Unique

Regardless of your subject matter, it’s safe to say that it has been covered time and time again. But this doesn’t mean you should shy away. What it does mean is that you should say something unique.

Your content should never rehash old information. This isn’t your path to the top of the search engines. Instead, you need to put a unique spin on every article. Doing so improves your chance of ranking high in the search engines. And of course, it also benefits your audience.


In an overall sense, content is still king. As long as you know what type of content performs best, you can continue to achieve success both in the search engines and when it comes to engaging your readers.

Roo Wright is long time internet marketer, with a proven track record in Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing. His new site Hityah.com is just a little older than six months old and gaining strong results in search engine rankings.