6 Call-to-Action Considerations

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There is no doubt that there are many factors involved in getting an iGaming player to deposit. Across all marketing channels, a common factor in the player journey is the ultimate call-to-action (CTA) that a player is encouraged to take to go on and play.

There are many factors that can influence the effectiveness of a CTA. We’ve done some research and taken a look at six elements to consider as you build your CTA strategy:

6. Buttons

Buttons look clickable and stand out, leading potential players to your CTA. Research has shown that a CTA button has a 28% higher click through rate (CTR) than a regular text. Buttons are a great way to improve the aesthetics and effectiveness of your CTA.

5. Text Copy

Create short anchor text that clearly describes your compelling offer, and make sure the CTA button text specific and brief. Coral often has the anchor text specifying the offer, such as “Deposit £10 and Get a £50 FREE BONUS,” followed by a clear CTA “Play Now” button. The player can quickly assess what they can gain and how to get it.

4. Logical Placement

Your goal should be to put the CTA button where the eyes naturally fall. This means that the positioning of your CTA on your page matters, as eye tracking studies prove that users won’t read text thoroughly. Make sure that your CTA has a clear focus and no visual competition that could confuse the player when deciding what to do next. Try to have the CTA above the fold of the email or webpage. This will ensure that your CTA stands out and is in the best possible position to generate conversions.

3. Contrasting Colour

Colour is also important to developing an eye-catching CTA. Having contrasting colours, as shown to the right, and effectively using white space allows your button to stand out more to the player and makes it more readable.

2. Language

Create a sense urgency by choosing the words in your CTA carefully. You can use ‘timing’ words (such as “NOW” or “TODAY”), focus on action verbs, and utilize master lists of high-converting words to optimize your CTA.

1. Emotion

Ideally, you want your anchor text and CTA to incite a positive feeling that ensures players will say “YES” to your offer. For example, for a sportsbook your anchor can create a sense of belonging to a group with “Join thousands of football fans” with a CTA of “Join Today” to strengthen the emotional need of belonging. In the iGaming industry, you can also create a feeling of anticipation by enticing customers with free spins or deposit bonuses to draw players to the games they know and love.

To understand the real impact of the above six considerations, it is important to test them by creating A/B tests based on each of the variables. With your affiliate software, you have the ability to setup A/B tests for different creatives and even landing pages. This will allow you to compare which creatives convert the most.

As we all know, conversion rates are influenced by many factors. To optimise your acquisition strategy, you need to hone one factor at a time.  Start today by developing creatives that test the 6 different CTA elements listed above, and you’ll be on your way to a list of solid CTAs that push your players to deposit and move into the next stage of the customer journey.

Want to know how to setup A/B testing in your Income Access platform? Reach out to your dedicated account manager, or drop us a line here.