Ad Targeting: Taking Aim at Premier League Fans

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Football brings people together and it tears them apart. While team loyalties are an effective way to distinguish a Chelsea fan from an Aston Villa loyalist, when targeting Premier League football fans, optimizing your ad targeting is the best way to reach your intended players. But which factors are most important to consider?

Geo-Targeting by Country

Most Premier League fans reside in the UK – no surprises there – so be sure to target the bulk of your ads to the UK. It’s also wise to target specific creatives to players in other countries – the British expat who still follows football or the French sports fan who just can’t get enough of it! A small portion of your ads can then be customized by language or currency to appeal more to these players, thus widening your net and increasing your conversions.

Geo-Targeting by City

Yes, you want to target Premier League fans. But more than that, you want to target these fans with ads that appeal to their team loyalty. Ad serving tools like ours allow you to geo-target your ads at the city level, so that you can then target players at the team level. You want to tailor your ads to get in on whatever match is most hyped that week in each area to appeal to those engaged players.

Targeting by Browser, OS & Device

When targeting, it’s important not just to target who you want to see your ads, but also how. Examine your tracking data and pinpoint which browsers, operating systems and devices bring in the most player conversions. Then target a proportional number of your ads to these systems.

Also keep industry trends in mind when interpreting your tracking data. For example, November saw Apple increase its share of the UK smartphone market to 42%, according to Kantar. If the number of people using Apple devices is increasing, then the number of potential players on Apple devices is likely increasing as well.

Premier League football has a fan base of more than 13 million people. Target your ads well and you’ll be in a great position to tap into this wealth of players. For more info on targeting and our Ad Serving tool, please get in touch!