Affiliate best practices you should always keep in mind

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In recent years, the iGaming industry has grown rapidly and gone through some important developments. So has affiliate marketing, one of its most important promotional channels. A great number of professional and semi-professional webmasters have tried their best to establish a popular gambling website – some with more success than others. What have we learnt from their experience? Here are a couple of affiliate best practices not to be neglected while working on your website:

Be unique!

If you want to stay competitive (there are many other affiliate sites out there!), you have to be creative. This is the key to your success and at the same time the most difficult step to take: find something that distinguishes your website from others and makes it attractive to visitors.

There are many different ways of becoming unique: for example, you can write exceptionally insightful game previews for sports betting, build a slick modern design for your casino website or focus on a vertical that is less popular at the moment but might become very prominent in the future, like lottery (see this blog post for more information or check out the lottery affiliate program PartnerWins).

To optimize your website, refer to forums and use plugins

No matter how much webmaster know-how you are starting off with, you will find all the information and every tool you might need in the World Wide Web for little investment. If you are facing a technical problem with implementing banner codes in your WordPress blog, you may not be the first person to come across this issue. Check user guides and webmaster forums and you will find the solution. You may even ask other affiliates to review your site and give you hints for improvement – you will be surprised how willing to help your potential competitors generally will be.

Also, stay up to date on the latest plug-ins that can give you important information about your traffic or make your life much easier when it comes to certain administrative and technical tasks (e.g. 5 Essential WordPress Plugins).

Create interesting content – knowledge is power

Write about a theme of which you have special knowledge (do some extensive research on the web first!). Most importantly, don’t forget to regularly update your website content. In order to attract visitors, you need to present relevant and new information. Outdated special offers and broken links on the contrary scare people off. This may sound trivial but keep it in mind, especially when you go through a phase where you have less time available to spend working on your website.

Easy client journey

Take care not to overload your website. If you always add new content without eliminating older items, the focus will get lost. In the end it is all about getting your visitors to click on affiliate banners. The longer it takes to get there, the higher the probability that potential customers will drop off.

Build a community and get mobile

If you want to go above and beyond, creating an above-average and solid website, you need to keep up with two trends. The first one: be social and build communities. Integrate social media to interact with your visitors. Stimulate your audience to comment, share and refer your website. Give them reasons to visit you again and bring in friends.

For example, use Facebook for connecting people interested in pooling lottery tickets. Playing lottery in a group increases the chance of winning and it‘s much more fun to follow the draws together with others.

The second trend you should absolutely consider is the shift from desktop to mobile devices. Most major iGaming providers already offer mobile sites and some are specialized exclusively on mobile. It is only logical that affiliate sites are following this trend. Again, you will find useful tools on the web to make your website mobile-responsive. Do not only adapt technically but also think of content which is especially interesting for mobile users.

If you keep these affiliate best practices in mind, you will be on a good track with your site. One of the fascinating qualities of the internet is that it gives you unlimited opportunities to shape your personal website. For sure, you have your own favorite hints for building an affiliate site. Willing to share? Feel free to add your comments here!