Affiliate Q&A – Anton Hedlund, Account Manager at Compary

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For our next Affiliate Q&A, we met with Anton Hedlund of Compary, an exciting affiliate that operates in a variety of markets. In this piece, we cover what Compary is doing to stand out with sites like BettingGuide, roadblocks for affiliates in 2022 and additional insight on the Latam market.

Income Access (IA): Thanks for speaking with us Anton! Can you tell us a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and current role with Compary?

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Anton Hedlund (AH): Thanks so much, I am pleased to speak with you today! My journey started back in 2020 when I moved from Sweden to Malta for my first role as Customer Support for an online casino. I grew to really enjoy the industry, especially the people working in it, how fast paced it is and how rapidly iGaming grows daily. At that moment, I realized this is an industry I want to be part of for a long time. Fast forward one year and I got a job at Compary. I said goodbye to all my friends in Malta, the good weather and the best pizza I ever had, so I could move back home to Sweden to start working on the affiliate side as an Account Manager.

IA: Being an affiliate in 2022 is an interesting challenge. Where do you believe the greatest difficulties lie for affiliates?

AH: What I have experienced during my time working on the affiliate side is that you can never be 100% certain of an outcome, regardless of the work you put in. New regulations, rules from Google or even brands that need to stop working in a certain market can challenge the whole process. All of these happenings can change from one day to the next, which will cause some headaches but also keep you alert and improve your problem solving abilities.

IA: Compary operates in a variety of markets, with India starting to really grow for you. What’s the biggest opportunity in the Indian market for an affiliate?

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AH: It took some time to get here with India as we are only SEO driven, but it has been worth the wait. For anyone thinking of India as a potential market, I say go for it! From my perspective, it feels like India operates similar to the iGaming industry as a whole. The country is fast paced, technical and grows so much from day to day. For example, India had 749 million internet users in 2020 and I can’t even imagine what that number will be in a couple of years.

IA: Tell us more about Compary, where you help users make wiser decisions through data and comparysons?

AH: Love that line! We believe that the most important part is to find engaged users. People that enjoy the site and spend time on it, but that also come back to our site in the future for more information. To get to that level, we put a lot of effort into our content creation. We’re always striving to offer top quality content that provides valuable information, but that our users enjoy reading. We also make sure to be consistently updated on the latest trends in different markets to ensure we provide users with the best possible offers from brands.

IA: Your newest betting site ( is growing in LATAM and Chile in particular. How do you see the Latam market growing and what do you think affiliates should focus on when moving into Latam?

AH: Latam is a very exciting market and it’s especially nice to see Chile getting more and more popular for us at BettingGuide. Since we began in this market, it has been growing steadily. We can see that more and more regulations are coming to Latam, which is great as it is an indicator that the market truly exists and is expanding.

On top of that, we really believe that affiliates should treat every market as entirely unique, including in Latam, since each country has different cultures and people living there. When you have a good understanding of the audience, then you can focus on the intangibles: good content, honest reviews and showcasing the strongest operators to users in each market.


For more information on Compary or to discuss a partnership opportunity, contact Anton and the team today.

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