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We’re delighted to sit down with Christoffer Ødegården of, a reliable affiliate in the Canadian casino space. With our latest Affiliate Q&A, we speak to Christoffer about the iGaming world in Canada, the importance of responsible gaming and much more!

Income Access (IA): Thanks for speaking with us Christoffer!  You’ve been in the iGaming world for many years now giving you a wealth of experience. What’s the biggest thing that’s changed in the industry in your time?

Christoffer Ødegården (CO): The industry looks incredibly different from what it did a decade ago. The change I'm happiest about is the focus on responsible gambling, and how seriously online casinos are taking player safety.

However, the most notable change must be diversity, both in the number of casinos and games. We have gone from a relatively small set of online casinos, often just with a few hundred games, to hundreds if not thousands of casinos, and thousands upon thousands of casino games.

This has made affiliates such as far more relevant, as it is impossible to get a clear view of what is available otherwise. We have gone one step further than many affiliates in developing our own comparison tool that allows our users to trim down our overviews until they find the casinos that are exactly right for them.

A less exciting change is that the number of free spins offered has decreased. It used to be an incredibly common way to welcome new players in and allow them to test the casino without wagering their real money, but instead of competition driving up these offers, it drove them down.

This is yet another way affiliates have become more important, as rather than having to scour the internet, they can find a clean overview of free spin no deposit offers for Canadian players on our dedicated page.

IA: The Canadian iGaming market is rapidly evolving! How has Bojoko's experience impacted its presence in Canada and have there been any developments that took you off guard?

CO: Bojoko's experience has played a significant role in its strong presence in Canada's evolving iGaming market. As a platform that prioritizes the perspective of players and understands that each player is unique and has different interests, our approach to testing and reviewing online casinos reflects this understanding, as we rely on our team of players to provide insights and feedback based on their own experiences as players. This allows us to accurately identify what players want and provide relevant recommendations.

To help players make informed decisions, we have developed a comparison tool that delivers individualized results based on a player's preferences. Additionally, we have an extensive library of honest reviews that further help players evaluate different online casinos.

We have also been able to adapt to changes in the Canadian iGaming market, such as regulatory changes and decreased free spin offers. Therefore, we have made it easy for players to navigate through different casinos on our platform, ensuring that they can find the right one that suits their preferences, even those decreased free spins offers.

There are a lot of options in the Casino space for users right now. How does Bojoko assist users with selecting the top gambling sites in the Canadian market?

Unlike other affiliates, Bojoko goes a step further by testing the casinos with real money deposits and withdrawals. This ensures that we get the true experience and can provide our users with reliable and comprehensive information about online casinos. We believe that our readers will get a clear sense of our commitment to accuracy and objectivity when reading our reviews.

One of the key strengths of our platform is its ease of use. Our platform provides players with a great and consistent user experience, allowing them to navigate through different casinos and make informed decisions with ease. The comparison tool that we have developed is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing players to search for casinos that match their preferences quickly.

Additionally, Bojoko's commitment to providing players with a personalized experience has contributed to our position in the market. We understand that every player is different and their preferences vary. Therefore, we have ensured that our platform offers a wide selection of online casinos, providing players with the ability to find the one that suits their needs.

Earlier you mentioned how important Responsible Gaming is. Can you tell us more about the process that Bojoko's experts follow to test the safety of a casino?

Bojoko's commitment to providing users with comprehensive and unbiased information about online casinos is driven by a strict testing process that its experts follow to ensure the safety and security of the gambling sites they recommend. The testing process starts by conducting a thorough review of the casino's licensing and regulatory status, to ensure that it is operating legally and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

In addition, Bojoko's experts examine the casino's game selection, bonuses, and user reviews, to determine the overall quality and reputation of the gambling site. They also conduct detailed background checks on the casino's owners and operators, to ensure that they have a history of operating trustworthy and reliable gambling sites.

Bojoko's experts then sign up for an account at the casino and deposit real money to test the platform's features and functionality. This allows them to evaluate the casino's payment options, customer support, and overall user experience.

Throughout the testing process, Bojoko's experts document their findings and compile them into comprehensive and unbiased reviews of each casino. These reviews are designed to help users make informed decisions about which gambling sites to play at, by providing them with objective and reliable information about each platform's safety and security.

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