Affiliate Q&A - Calle Granqvist, CSO at JokerZino Marketing

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In our latest interview, we spoke with Calle Granqvist, Chief Sales Officer at JokerZino Marketing, a growing affiliate doing exciting work in the US. We spoke with Calle about educating US audiences, creating engaging content and much more!

IA: Thanks for speaking with us Calle! Can you tell us a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and current role with JokerZino?

Calle Granqvist (CG): Thanks for having me! My background in the iGaming industry is relatively new. I had been working as a car salesman for the past eleven years, importing American vehicles from the US, Canada and Mexico to Sweden and selling them here. I got introduced into the iGaming industry by an old friend who started this company (JokerZino Marketing). He gave me a pitch of what he thought it could be and what he thought I could bring to the table. I then spoke with a couple of friends working in sports betting and online casino companies based in Malta, to learn a bit more about the industry. They explained everything and now I'm hooked.

My role here at JokerZino is to be the salesman for our company, reaching out and opening up talks with brands. I enjoy having daily conversations with all the brands and keeping everybody here at JokerZino updated with news regarding what's happening in states that are close to regulated for sports betting and gambling.

IA: The iGaming world is a rapidly evolving one, making it one of the more exciting sectors of the business world. What’s been most surprising to you since joining the iGaming world with JokerZino Marketing?

CG: For sure! With the market expanding in the US, you can definitely say that it's going fast. New states are opening for sports betting and online casinos are expanding really fast.

The most surprising for me has been getting all the rules in order and getting all the facts right about licenses all over the US. For example, learning about how many licenses there are across different states and how, in some states, sports betting can be legal, but not online casinos. For me, coming from Sweden, it's strange because it’s seen as almost the same thing back home.

IA: A big focus for your team is on the US and connecting brands to users across different states. What would you suggest is most important in terms of connecting with the US iGaming audience?

CG: The most important thing for us has been making ourselves and our information easy to find. When you’re looking for something online and can't find it, it can be frustrating, so we hope to combat that. Our page is easy to navigate, so you can find the information you want. With easy access to our promo codes, we’re able to efficiently get the audience where they want to go.

We’re also putting a ton of focus on SEO across our network of sites, so that, for example, if someone is searching for gambling in Ohio, OHGamblers will rank towards the top.

Also, by having guides for users showing how to make an account, place a bet, play on the online casinos, withdraw money, we’re able to give them access to support quickly. There are also guides that show the difference between the types of bets you can place, as there are new users in this market who may need education of gambling practices and terms.

IA: As the US is a newer market in terms of regulation, educating the audience is paramount. How do you look to tackle that at GamblingJoker and how would you suggest affiliates create this content?

CG: At GamblingJoker, we aim to provide the best information and bonuses for online sports betting in the US. We understand that the US market is relatively new and complex in terms of regulation, so we try to educate our audience by creating content that is:

- Easy to read

- Short and consistent

- Entertaining and informative

- Has the best type of promo codes

If we can check all those boxes, we’ll be making the best possible content for our site.

IA: GamblingJoker is a strong affiliate pages in the US, offering users the best online options wherever online gambling is legal. What helps set GamblingJoker apart from other sites in the area?

CG: How easy it is to find us. We have worked hard to get the right names for our sites, create the best content and make it as easy as possible for our customers to get bonuses from the best sports betting brands in the US.

Another important thing we've been working hard on is creating strong relationships with every person we meet in the iGaming world, from having the best possible guidelines for our customers to having open discussions with the companies offering the sports betting and online casinos to our customers. By building relationships, we believe you can get where you want to go more easily in any kind of business.


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