Affiliate Q&A – Jan Möller, Co-Founder at Oddspedia

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In our latest edition of Income Access' series of Q&A with exciting affiliates, we sat down with Jan Möller, co-founder of Oddspedia, where we got some great information on the German market and the casino industry. For this interview, we went over the compelling work being done at Oddspedia, upcoming in-person events in the industry, and how things are evolving in the Germany market in 2021.


Income Access (IA): We’d love to know a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and how you came to be in your current role with Oddspedia?

Jan Möller (JM): Oddspedia was founded in 2014 by myself and my business partner, Jeton Kodia. However, I have been in the gambling business since 2009 and I initially became an iGaming affiliate when I turned my hobby into my profession. Gambling is part of my life, as I love betting, casino games, and poker.

As a student, and not the most profitable poker player ever, I discovered the Affiliate Program button at my favourite poker platform, Party Poker. Soon after that, I started as an affiliate by printing PartyPoker vouchers with my affiliate code on, then distributing them in the mailboxes of my whole neighbourhood in Kassel, where I studied. A few months later, just for fun, I started my own website where I would publish all of my own betting tips. While my football tips were not worth much at the time, I had better luck with ice hockey!

IA: As a German-based affiliate, can you tell us about some challenges and opportunities facing affiliates in the German market today?

JM: It’s clear to see that the introduction of GlüNeuRStV has been an interesting one! In general, it’s well known that Germans like rules, but even for them these are quite strong, keeping in mind the restrictions imposed on users in other countries. This will have a major effect on the way the Germans gamble online, likely causing an increase in gaming at unregulated institutions, especially casino sites. We, as Affiliates, need to be flexible. For a long time, we have been adding different Geos to our portfolio. We’re also quite sure of what we want and stand for - gambling to be legal and respected in the modern world.

IA: Tell us more about Oddspedia and how “It’s All About Sports” for your players!

JM: Our primary goal is to be a valuable assistant for all sports fans. Up-and-coming players can learn the basics with Oddspedia quite quickly. They can follow the sports they know well, understand the betting markets and master other sports betting essentials. One of the key reasons is the clear way we display information to them - there are no complicated tables overloaded with numbers and colours or hard to grasp labels and buttons. At the same time, experienced bettors can utilize more advanced features like analysing the odds movement history, checking statistics and utilizing betting tools to their advantage.

IA: Are you planning on travelling to any of the major conferences now as in-person events begin to open again?

JM: The company is planning to attend some major conferences and me personally as well! It’s very important for the industry to reunite physically after so long and I am eager to meet old and new partners. Nothing can replace face-to-face communication. It can be transformed and when needed we can use virtual options, but we are so much more than faces on screens, and we need real communication and cooperation. This gives an inspirational push and strong connections for any business!

For more information on Oddspedia or to discuss a partnership opportunity, contact Jan and the team today.