Affiliate Q&A - Johan Löfgren, CEO at Novitana

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For our latest Affiliate Q&A, we spoke with Johan Löfgren, CEO at Novitana, an exciting affiliate that has a presence across various iGaming markets. We spoke with Johan about the Canadian Casino industry, where LATAM is heading, and much, much more!

Income Access (IA): Thanks for speaking with us, Johan! Can you tell us a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and current role as CEO with Novitana?

Johan Löfgren (JL): Thank you, Michael! I started my affiliate journey back in 2011 at one of Sweden’s biggest price comparison sites, both as a developer and quality manager. We dabbled with SEO in the later years and that naturally led me to iGaming and a move to Malta. I’ve worked on the affiliate side since my move here six years ago, doing all things SEO, which is also how Novitana runs. My role as CEO at Novitana is diverse and that’s how I like it, as I get to work on a bit of everything.

IA: You have been a part of Novitana since 2019, experiencing all the growth in the iGaming industry over that time. What’s been most surprising about the iGaming world during your time at Novitana?

JN: Most surprising would obviously be the pandemic, working from home and that whole experience, though I’m happy to be back in the office in that regard. Another one would be that the industry has matured quickly in recent years, making it a whole lot more professional.

Adding to the feel of professionalism, the focus on responsible gambling is another topic which we have seen growing tremendously since just a few years ago. I’m happy it’s going in the right direction, with everything from player safety to responsible gambling overall. This change in direction towards responsible gaming is also making affiliates more relevant than ever.

IA: Your team is growing a lot in the casino market in Canada with, where regulation has come to Ontario, along with plenty of interest. What has been the biggest challenge in the market so far?

JN: I think the biggest challenge when a regulation like this comes, is what path you take with SEO. At, we chose to have dedicated geo-targeting, as well as simple filters for if you’re residing in Ontario or outside, where the user doesn’t have to necessarily have to navigate to other subpages. Others have chosen a different path and it will be interesting to see how the market develops further in that regard.

IA: While Canada and North America are growing, so is LATAM, which seems to be a popular topic at every iGaming conference! Novitana is present in this market, so where do you see it going over the next few years?

JN: LATAM is for sure a hot topic, and rightfully so as it’s hard to imagine how many users there are to cater for. I feel the market it still very young and, from our perspective, it will take some time before players use search engines in a way that is similar to a novice player in Canada, for example. However, that is also where we as affiliates come in, trying to educate players on what a good online casino actually is.

IA: At Novitana, you look to “embrace the lead”. What sets apart an affiliate in the iGaming industry in 2023 with so much competition at every turn?

JN: What sets us apart from bigger corporations is mainly the agility, as we can adapt and change our structure and the way we do stuff at a faster pace. I also believe that we’re one of the few affiliates who tries out online casinos with real money, before essentially listing the casino. This is a way for us to give our audience true and reliable information on casino bonuses and its terms and conditions, along with more accurate information.


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