Affiliate Q&A - Jovan Bitoljanu, Sales Account Manager at Vita Media Group

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With our latest Affiliate Q&A, we sit down with Jovan Bitoljanu, Sales Account Manager at Vita Media Group. In this piece, we look at the exciting work being done at the Vita Media Group, along with developments in the Danish iGaming market and much, much more!

IA: Thanks for speaking with us Jovan! Can you tell us a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and current role with Vita Media Group?

Jovan Bitoljanu (JB): It’s a pleasure to speak to you guys as well.  I've been part of the industry for over a year now, so you can tell that I’m a newbie, but still, Vita Media Group made me feel like a seasoned veteran with the way they have supported me during this time.

I joined the company as a part of the Sales team where I am looking to provide the best in-class onboarding experience for all of our new partners, as well as taking care of the existing partners who wish to scale via our growth models.

At the moment, I am currently devoted to coming up with ideas to increase the value and volume for our operator partners.

You’ve been in the iGaming world for a little while now, but before that you were a comic bookstore owner! How have you used your experiences as a comic book owner in the iGaming world? Reading anything good right now?

Yes, it was quite an interesting jump! However, at the core of it, both are entertainment industries and to some extent both are based on graphics even! This came in handy, since I love to work with well-designed brands in the comic book theme, as some of you already know!

Actually re-reading is on my list right now, while waiting for the shipments with new stuff to come in. Would recommend that everyone in the industry reads Ibicus by Rabaté or Corto Maltese by Pratt, both capture the vibe of our industry well - that thrill seeking adventure!

The Nordic iGaming market is evolving at a rapid pace these days. As a company located in Denmark, what do you believe are the biggest challenges facing affiliates in that market?

As a company originating from Denmark, we have incorporated Danish business principles in our core values. To abide by the principles of loyalty and trust is, in my opinion, the highest form of professionalism an individual or organization can show in business.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Nordics are one of the most important centers in the iGaming industry, as a home to many large operators, brands, payment providers, affiliates and more. It’s interesting to note that the Nordics countries hold a significant amount of the world market share as well. And I believe this is just the start, since we’ve seen so many innovations come from these countries recently!

So, it’s not a challenge to work in these markets, rather a privilege I would argue. We just need to keep to our good practices such as diligence, innovation, professionalism, data driven transparency with our partners and compliance.


At Vita Media Group, you look to provide data driven lead generation and retention. With the acquisition of AffiliSearch, how has it allowed Vita Media Group to continue towards that goal?

Since the start of 2016, Vita Media Group opened operations in different verticals, and also expanded with a second office in Skopje, North Macedonia. These developments enabled the company to support different projects within the company. In this way, Vita Media Group firmly built profitable streams, and managed to offer growth to all the partners working with the company. Year by year, the company invests in well-researched projects, and so far, they have proven to be quite successful.

The same goes for Affilisearch. As one of the first European affiliate online gaming networks created in 2009, Affilisearch was a field of interest for Vita Media Group for a long time. And with Michael Asselta, a prominent digital marketing strategist joining Vita Media Group, the entire Affilisearch puzzle came together. With Michael leading the Affilisearch operation, in only under 6 months, this affiliate network had successful campaigns in both gambling and non-gambling verticals.

With the re-launch of EkstraPoint, how are you looking to ensure that users always find the best casino experience?

Ekstrapoint is Vita Media Group’s first developed product and has a special place in our hearts. This product was developed with love and with the aim to change the online gaming industry by introducing social gaming based on high standards.

Built on the foundations of loyalty and reward, Ekstrapoint so far has managed to gather a community of 100,000 loyal players and an excellent Trustpilot score. With its growth, Ekstrapoint became a place where both operators and players enjoy being.  And in 2021, we added layers of development which added extra personalization to the user experience.

And with everything done on the platform so far, this year Ekstrapoint caught the eye of the EGR Operator Awards and the iGB Affiliate Awards which have shortlisted it in the innovation category proving its innovative and disruptive model!

With the deployment of the rebranded and optimized Ekstrapoint 2.0, we are looking at an immersive user experience! The new design has implemented a lot of tricks and quirks, some of them are the novel filtering system which reflects personal preferences, increased the speed of the site allowing users to navigate through the page with more ease, introduced more GEO options making the site relevant around the globe, also allowing the players to keep an eye on the free to play games leaderboard in real time making the events we organize more competitive.

For more information on Vita Media Group or to discuss a partnership opportunity, contact Jovan and the team today.