Affiliate Q&A – Rachel Fitter, Director of Affiliate Partnerships at The Game Day

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For our latest Affiliate Q&A, we got to speak with Rachel Fitter, Director of Affiliate Partnerships at The Game Day. The Game Day has a strong focus on the North American market, where they’ve seen a ton of success on their social channels. In this interview, we’ll break down Rachel’s career path, where opportunities lie for affiliates in 2022 and much more!

Income Access (IA): Thanks for speaking with us Rachel! Can you tell us a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and current role with The Game Day?

Rachel Fitter (RF): Sure thing! I started my iGaming career with Kindred Group as an Affiliate Manager. They were just starting out their US operations and it was a great opportunity to build something new. They are a tremendous organization with a ton of support from their very experienced Central offices, so it was a fantastic start into the industry. I had a great internal mentor and learned so much about the iGaming industry not just in the US but across the world, made a lot of good connections and really was able to look at the business from a unique angle.

About a year ago I transitioned over to the Affiliate side and I’m now the Director of Affiliate Partnerships with The Game Day. Our sites are The Game Day and The Game Day Casino. It’s been extremely interesting being on the other side and having the opportunity to work with all operators, while learning about what it takes to be a successful affiliate in this competitive industry.

IA: You joined the iGaming world back in 2019 during a hectic time in the industry’s history. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting out in iGaming today?

RF: Some advice I would give would be to take your time! Not everything has to be perfect on day one. It’s an ever-changing industry, so you will be constantly learning and growing. It is important to be amenable to change, as regulations, operators and offers can change in an instant.

IA:  What are some of the most important factors for you when looking to partner with an operator?

RF: It’s very important for us as an Affiliate to remain compliant. We only work with licensed operators within the regulated markets.


IA: Tell us more about The Game Day, an online entertainment network focused on sports, betting, and iGaming!

RF: The Game Day is a sports entertainment & media company geared towards millennials and Gen Z. We bridge the gap between the casual sports fan and sports bettor by creating digital and social content that is fun and engaging. Over the past year, our growth has skyrocketed and we just surpassed 500M impressions across our social content, which is impressive. It’s an exciting time as we see growth across all business units – not only web, but also sales, production and creative.

IA: As an affiliate in 2022, where do you believe the greatest opportunities lie?

At The Game Day, we see opportunity in new markets launching, tentpole events and enticing offers. As new states come online in the US, there is tremendous opportunity for new player acquisition. We strive to reach our demographic in a creative, engaging way.


For more information on The Game Day or to discuss a partnership opportunity, contact Rachel and the team today.