Affiliate Q&A - Richard Moffat, CEO at OLBG

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For this Affiliate Q&A, we met with Richard Moffat CEO at OLBG, an established affiliate operates in a variety of English-speaking markets! In this Q&A, Richard tells us about his experience in iGaming, how OLBG has grew a connected community and much more!

Income Access (IA): Thanks for speaking with us Richard! Can you tell us a bit about your background in the iGaming industry and current role with OLBG?


Richard Moffat (RM): My pleasure, thanks for your interest.

I was one of the first users of Online Betting Guide (OLBG) back in 2002. I enjoyed adding my horse racing tips to the tipster competition and sharing knowledge with other sports betting enthusiasts on the forum.

I could see from the start what an amazing opportunity there was to grow the community and platform, so when the chance to work on the site full-time came along, my passion became my day job and I left my career in financial services behind.

Our work has changed a lot over the years, but the focus is still the same; helping OLBG to grow. Every member of our content and customer support teams were users of OLBG before they became team members. This helps us in our focus to build great content and great services for people who enjoy betting on sports as much as we do. I think it's incredibly powerful for any business to have team members who would be using their brand even if they weren't working for it.

IA: You’ve been with OLBG since 2005, shortly after it launched in 2002. What’s the biggest difference in the market today compared to when you began?

RM: A bunch has changed, like mobile, social, PPC, tax, compliance, super rich competition, a lot more than ten links on page one and a billion Google algorithm changes; the market today is very different indeed.

What hasn't changed so much is what the bettor wants and while Google algorithms have developed at some pace, ultimately, they are working to achieve the same thing. It’s really focusing on those two areas that’s helped us to ride all the waves that have come along.

IA: OLBG offers a unique section on their site, where users can showcase their betting tips and compete against OLBG’s experts. How has this helped you further connect with your audience?

RM: Our tipster competitions are a huge part of our brand and our community which has core values including sharing knowledge and helping each other.

As you say, it is unique, as whilst there are other tipster competitions, the reasoning which our tipsters provide in such volume and with such quality across so many sports and markets just isn't seen anywhere else.

This is really down to the values we have installed into our community and its members have installed into each other. Users explain why they think something is a good bet, which not only helps them to make more reasoned bets, but it helps all of us who read their thoughts in our quest to find a good bet.

With thousands of users adding their knowledge daily across over 20 sports, the ability to drill down into lots of data about the tipsters, you have something very special. This can be accessed through the site but also top-rated mobile apps with some 2 million installs now.


IA: Tell us more about OLBG, the Most Knowledgeable Sports Betting Community online!

RM: The knowledge that our users have shared over two decades can be seen throughout the entire site. We have taken quotes from members in the forum and built them into the betting guides to help people learn more about online betting. User reviews are central to our bookmaker reviews and rankings and detailed strategies have been shared in the blogs.

We communicate with dozens of members every day to make sure that we continue to understand what we can do to help them, have met 100s at various in person events and some have become great friends. We have shared our success with our members, giving away almost £1million in prize money so far as well as entertaining many of them at the races or football matches.

Every member has helped to grow OLBG into what it is today, so our industry leading Trustpilot rating of 4.8 from over 680 reviews is something our whole community can be very proud of.

IA: OLBG operates in a variety of markets, from North America all the way over to Australia. How do you ensure that the content is specialized for each location?

English language regulated markets are our focus, so we have localized content for the UK, US, Ireland, Australia and Canada. OLBG is the only brand I’m aware of that covers all these regions for all the different types of content that we offer; sports & casino listings, offers, guides, predictions, news, strategy and community. So, there is a huge amount going on within one domain.

We could over complicate this and say it's extremely difficult, but what the bettor wants and what Google algorithms seek to achieve doesn’t differ much from location to location just as it doesn’t differ much over time.


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