Affiliate Q&A – Tero Päivärinta, Head of Accounts at Cashmagnet Ltd

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For this edition of Income Access’ Affiliate Q&A, we sit down with Tero Päivärinta, Head of Accounts at Cashmagnet Ltd, who gave us some great insights on the casino industry. We went over their exciting online casino comparison site, Mr. Gamble, challenges for Twitch affiliates, and much more on the casino industry.


Income Access (IA): Can you tell us a little about your background in the iGaming industry and how you came to be in your current role?Tero Päivärinta (TP): My role as the Head of Accounts with Cashmagnet Ltd started earlier this year in January and it has been an eye-opening experience so far. I have worked most of my career on the brand side, but at Cashmagnet and with Mr Gamble, I’ve now had the privilege of working on the affiliate side.

In terms of how I got to be in this role, I have been involved in the iGaming industry since 2006, starting in customer support at Expekt Casino. After that role, I have mostly held sales and marketing roles. Then, before joining Cashmagnet, I was the Finland Marketing and Sales Manager at OlyBet for three years.IA: What are the main challenges and opportunities Twitch casino affiliates are facing in 2021? How do you promote using a Twitch channel? How would you maximize this?TP: The biggest challenge that we are facing, which also happens to be an opportunity, is growing our audience. The English-speaking market is a lot more competitive and our English channel is still relatively small, though our Finnish main channel has over 20k followers, so growing our audience won’t be easy. However, we are very pleased with the growth we have experienced so far and we are looking forward to seeing the results down the line in six months’ time.

We are promoting brands on Twitch by talking about them, having the brand information, welcome offers in the chat and and displaying promotional banners. We use many ways to engage with our audience, but normally we are talking with them directly, asking what they’d like to see, and responding to all their questions.IA: One of your key markets is Canada, who are undergoing some changes now that single-game sports betting has become legal. How do you think it’ll change the Canadian market?TP: We focus heavily on the online casino market in Canada at Cashmagnet, but we strive to stay on top of the changing Canadian sports betting landscape too. I think the legalization of single-game sports betting will also increase the number of players in the gaming market. Should be a win-win!IA: Tell us more about Mr. Gamble and how you help players discover great casino bonuses.TP: Mr. Gamble is a fast-growing online casino comparison site and our mission is to help players find the best casinos and bonuses in record time. By using our website, players can easily and conveniently find their preferred casino and bonus in less than a minute, be it a non-sticky bonus or a 200% deposit bonus.IA: Anything else you’d like us to know?Right now, we are also focused on the UK bingo market, which has led us to acquire the UkBingoSites website. It is a standalone product and we are ready to make it big in the UK!

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