What Affiliates Should Focus on for the 2021/22 EPL Season

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As the English Premier League table begins to take shape going into September, affiliates need to ensure their plans are falling into place to take advantage of the increased users that come along with the massive games kicking off all over the United Kingdom.

There are a lot of different things affiliates should focus on with the EPL and this article will look at some of the major items that should be in your gameplan for the long and exciting Premier League season!

Dynamic Odds

Affiliates that can seamlessly integrate with operators for dynamic odds give themselves a much better chance at success.

Simply, users who see live and changing odds are more likely to believe that the operator is a reliable one that provides them with a variety of relevant and timely options. On the other hand, if a game has begun and a user comes upon a page still displaying pre-match odds, they’re less likely to want to engage.

Cater to your Audience

The English Premier League caters itself to a wide variety of fans and players who want to try their hand at betting on the beautiful game. Understanding what type of player you’re going after is important. Some users are more experienced and they’ll want a lot of betting options and the ability to customize their bets. On the other hand, if it’s a less knowledgeable and newer user, having a simpler layout with educational materials is more likely to work.

Mid-Week Bonus and New Competition

While the EPL has a packed schedule and plenty to plan for on its own, don’t forget about UEFA’s mid-week competitions that feature a bunch of EPL teams and an opportunity to showcase bets on other European teams that your audience may not see as often.

On top of that, there’s a new European Trophy up for grabs with the UEFA Europa Conference League starting up, which will feature big teams from all over the world like Tottenham Hotspur, AS Roma and Rennes.

Create the Right Content

Naturally, you’ll want to create content that your audience is invested in, but what exactly does that mean? The EPL may bring in a variety of new users to your page and it’ll be key to ensure they find content that is relevant and timely. If your last piece was published in August and a user finds their way to your page midway through the season, they won’t be likely to be as trusting. Relevancy can be a bit trickier, but it’s important to understand your audience as discussed earlier and provide content they’ll enjoy.

For example, if your audience is primarily looking for fantasy advice/sites for the EPL and you’re focused on prop bets, that may not work out as planned.


While the EPL season tends to take a variety of dramatic twists and turns, the ideas in this article will hopefully help you avoid that and provide consistent results all the way until the Trophy is lifted at the end of the year. If you can create content catered to your audience, take advantage of mid-week competitions, and provide a dynamic site with timely odds, we think you'll have everything you need to be at the top of the table at the end of the year!