Affiliates Paid for App Installs in the Network!

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Affiliates are being paid for mobile installs on iOS and Android devices. This push is starting with social gaming brands in the Income Access Network, and is moving to real money gaming brands as well. Brands are paying out on cost-per-install (CPI) rates, and affiliates are able to track app install activity through their Income Access affiliate account’s.

Our Mobile Gaming History

We have been working with mobile gaming operators for years, dating back to 2008 with our partnership with mFortune Mobile Casino. This is back when people had flip phones in their pocket! Remember WAP devices? We do! We understood how important mobile was back then, and we understand its importance both at the present time and down the road.

Mobile Installs for iOS & Android

The mobile gaming business continues to grow at a rapid rate, and is expected to top $40 billion by 2017, according to Newzoo.

With this in mind, we have integrated brands into the Income Access Network that can track app installs on iOS and Android devices. The first products come from one of our social gaming partners, PlaySpace, who is a market leader in social gaming, and offer a number of casual games for players to choose from across numerous platforms including web, Facebook, iOS, and Android.  The first two of their products that we will be tracking installs for on iOS and Android will be PlaySpace Bingo and PlaySpace Ludo (also known as Parcheesi).

These are freemium games, meaning they are 100% free for player to download. Once in the game, players can choose to buy virtual currency or other items (avatars, upgrades, power ups, etc…) with real money to climb the leader boards and/or progress in the game. Affiliates will be paid on a cost per install (CPI) model, and will be asked to target the US and Spanish markets.

In real money gaming (RMG), these markets are tougher to penetrate for both operators and affiliates, due to legal restrictions and regulation. Social gaming and social casino products allow affiliates to monetize mobile US gaming traffic in a legal way, while still allowing players to enjoy their favorite type of games. Join the other affiliates jumping into this lucrative space, and get the most out of your US traffic.

Opportunities for Affiliates

The Income Access Network has other mobile options for affiliates as well; both for mobile web games and mobile apps. We would love to discuss the different opportunities with you. Contact our team, and they will find the right brand for you.