AretoNet's New Product Makes Retaining Customers Simple

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Are you looking to reactivate and retain more customers with your iGaming brand? Using their 40+ years of experience in the iGaming industry, AretoNet have built an advanced customer engagement and retention platform to help with just that, making them a valued partner for Income Access. Their platform gives iGaming brands the ability to engage, retain and re-acquire players using relevant data to optimize campaigns and reach different audiences.

About AretoNet

AretoNet’s easy to use Business Intelligence & Player Engagement platform allows iGaming brands to take their business further, with unique insights on customer behaviour, demographics, KPIs, product trends and much more. Their product offers valuable features, like:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Real-time data from multiple sources.
  • Auto-clustering: Automatic clustering of customers in various tiers based on specific KPIs.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Communicate with customers via Email, SMS, etc.
  • Campaign Management & Automation: Real-time campaign analytics focused on iGaming metrics.
  • AI Tools: High-value customer predictions and custom predictive models.
  • Engagement Strategies: Easy-to-use tools to understand product trends and performance.


On top of their robust offerings, ArteoNet is launching a new product with! is the perfect tool for iGaming brands. Based on Natural Language Technology, offers pre-built iGaming dashboards covering various iGaming KPIs, metrics and reports. This exciting product, which is offered as an add-on tool to new and existing clients, offers comprehensive support and plenty of intel to its users. In addition, their unparalleled Gaming Natural Language Technology allows users to ask questions, create reports, segments and dashboards using Natural Language.

This unique product has several valuable features:

  • Getinsights on the go, with access from any device, including web, mobile and tablet.
  • With Natural Language capabilities, you can find precisely what you’re looking for immediately.
  • Seamless integration ensures your team can quicky unlock deeper analytical insights.
  • Over 300 preset Gambling reports allow iGaming brands to quickly set up their reporting.
  • Segmentation on 1,200+ pre-defined product specific attributes, like favorite sport & wager standard deviation.

With AretoNet’s new tool, iGaming brands will be able to enhance their organisation's efficiency with prebuilt dashboards and reports, effortless report generation and data segmentation through conversational queries.

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