Channelling Your Inner Walt Disney: Storytelling & Your Content Marketing Strategy

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A Preface…

There is nothing more compelling than telling a great story. From Walt Disney cartoons to War & Peace, stories are at the heart of all communities and cultures.  It therefore makes sense that storytelling is the key to an effective content marketing strategy for all brands, including those in the iGaming space. Let’s look at the reasons why.

Chapter 1: Stories Form Emotional Connections

Earlier this month, Extra Gum launched their new commercial, The Story of Sarah and Juan. From the opening moments with a hauntingly beautiful version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” it is clear that Extra took serious notes from Hollywood because this is not just an ad, this is a love story that had people in tears in under two minutes – over 11 million people on YouTube to date, to be exact.

In order to get your players to be loyal to your brand they need to feel that you are connected to them.  If you’re a sportsbook, they need you to tell them that you know how it feels to bet on the match in-play in its final moments and that you are in this together.

Chapter 2: Stories Are Dynamic

In today’s world of mass forms of communications and consumption the fundamentals of effective storytelling remain, but the manner and mediums through which we tell them are constantly evolving.  Therefore, it’s crucial that your iGaming brand’s stories can be told across platforms in a consistent fashion. Each piece of marketing content that you share with your players – be it a banner ad, a video, blog or Tweet – should work dynamically to tell your story and engage your players.

A prime example of a dynamic story is Chevrolet’s #ChevyGoesEmoji campaign created for the launch of the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze. The US auto giant sent out the first ever all-emoji press release, followed by a four-part video series with key influencers, Twitter conversations using the hashtag #ChevyGoesEmoji and culminating in an event in Detroit to reveal the new Chevrolet Cruze.

Chapter 3: Stories Create Communities

Storytelling is a social activity and when your content tells a compelling story, your players want to be a part of it. Taco Bell is well known for its use of Twitter largely because of the way the brand engages with its audience and makes them an integral part of their story. Taco Bell will reply and reTweet messages from their fans, and while these tactics seem basic, they work because they let their audience know that they are listening and they are part of their community.

Singer Taylor Swift does the same thing and that’s why everyone wants to be a part of her #squad. Players will return to your brand if they feel they are a part of your story.  Ultimately, your story becomes their story and you are a part of the same community.


When storytelling techniques are employed, your content marketing becomes powerful, engaging and contagious, causing your players to return to your offering again and again.  Want support telling your iGaming brand story? Get in touch!