Compliable Makes Applying for Gaming Licenses Easy

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Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to fill out and submit license applications? iGaming operators and affiliates often need to complete lengthy forms without clear instructions when entering new markets, and this process can be quite tiresome.

Compliable is a tool that makes gaming licensing easy to understand – it’s quick, accurate and flexible for your brand’s needs. Keep reading to learn more!

About Compliable

At its core, Compliable is a tool that enables you to create error-free license applications, specifically for the iGaming industry. With its intuitive form-filling software and step-by-step guidance for each application, Compliable helps save time and money when it comes to obtaining new gaming licenses (or renewing previous ones).

The tool’s built-in logic collects only the required information for each application and modifies relevant sections elsewhere to avoid redundant answers. And, since all documents that you send or receive through the tool are encrypted, your security is guaranteed at each checkpoint.

Why Use Compliable: Operators and Affiliates

Compliable is an essential tool for any brand in the gaming space. When it comes to entering new markets and managing all your license applications, it’s sure to come in handy.

Why Income Access Partners use Compliable:

  • Personalized forms based on the application and your preliminary answers
  • Only input information once with automatic form filling
  • Intelligent software provides easy-to-follow instructions at each step
  • Progress checks throughout journey to successfully complete required sections
  • All information and documents are clearly organized and accessible
  • Detailed reports to see development of all in-process, pending and active licenses
  • Receive entire License Application Packet and easily download to submit
  • Save hundreds of hours and reduce form completion time by 75%

For Operators: If you are a brand looking to expand into new markets, Income Access can connect you with the Compliable team to get started. Whether you plan on entering new regulated states or need other licensing help, there are many options to help drive your success. After creating a Compliable account, choose from solutions like handling large groups of employees, vendor license tracking, from simplification and more.

For Affiliates: Compliable also has great services for Income Access affiliates who are looking for help with license applications. From basic to more in-depth applications, the tool lets you easily create precise forms without a headache – affiliates will only need to answer form questions that are relevant and specific to their business. There are tips and guidance along the way, so you never feel overwhelmed, and all this data is safely stored whenever you need to complete other forms. For new state launches, initial applications and any other licensing needs, Compliable is a great solution for affiliates.

Get Started with Compliable

If you are interested in using Compliable or would like to know more about this license application software for gaming, we encourage you to get in touch with us here at Income Access.

Operators can contact their Account Manager and affiliates can send an email to us here!