Industry Pulse: Content Marketing for Small to Mid-Tier Brands

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Content marketing is one of the most powerful approaches operators can use to complement their traditional advertising strategies. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 90% of marketers believe that it’s a vital factor in building a successful campaign.

It allows brands to use various methods and channels, including blogs, social media and video production to engage target audiences with insightful, value-added and even entertaining content that only subtly references their products.

Small to mid-tier iGaming brands can leverage content marketing’s cost-effectiveness and reach a bigger audience. With more organisations turning to content, we look at how operators are overcoming its challenges to acquire new players.Content Marketing Challenges When you consider that 39% of organisations aim to produce more non-promotional content over the course of this year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for smaller gaming brands to stand out among bigger names.Just because content marketing is being used by many brands, however, it doesn’t mean that all of their campaigns are seeing results. Many operators fail to reach out to their desired audience because what they produce simply doesn’t engage the right people.Overcoming These Barriers As reported by the Business Insider, an ad campaign needs to get in front of a prospective customer at least seven times over 18 months before they buy any single product. Content marketing is more sharable and has higher virality because it’s value-added and non-promotional, meaning it’s likelier to be seen more regularly by target customers.

A longer shelf-life is one reason why content marketing is popular. Unlike a conventional advertising campaign, which essentially disappears when you stop paying for it, great content can live on for months. On their own, traditional ads can also be a turn-off for potential customers because there’s no gain unless they purchase the product.

However, content marketing complements these campaigns by providing the audience with entertaining material and meaningful information.Video KPCB predicts that video will account for just under three quarters of all online traffic over the course of 2017. So by providing your users with content that truly resonates with them, you can really get your brand’s name out there and build an audience.

Some brands, like Paddy Power, use satire. The sportsbook posts a “fan denial” video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every week, plus videos of funny ‘bloopers’ that happen during real-life matches. Either of these are examples of video content that can be retweeted or shared with ease. Meanwhile, online poker brands such as Party Poker use video to teach users how to play.

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Video appeals to users because it consumes less time than text-heavy content, meaning they’re more likely to watch a full short clip and share with their friends.Producing Original Content Marketing Ideas Many operators successfully market their products by simply starting discussions with their audience about topics that interest them. The likes of Paddy Power and Coral hardly ever speak directly about their products on their social channels, yet both operators have accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers by doing this.

A number of sportsbooks also invite celebrity guest bloggers to discuss general sporting news or upcoming events. For example, Coral invite influential figures, such as ex-footballer Alan Shearer and jockey Tom Scudamore. This drives traffic and, in turn, new players.Looking Ahead…Brands are being innovative with their content production and using various channels to build and engage their target audience. Content is getting more dynamic – ranging from videos to social media posts, and sometimes a mixture of both – to gaming tips and guest blog posts. Content marketing allows smaller gaming brands to acquire new players and attract a bigger following in a more cost-effective manner and smaller timescale than traditional advertising.

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