Educating your iGaming Audience: Creating Engaging Content That Simplifies Things for Users

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As the iGaming world continues to grow and evolve, one thing is for certain: this is a complex world for new users to dive into. While that may seem as though it’s a deterrent, many brands are seeing it as an opportunity to reach these users by providing them with interesting, digestible educational content that invites them to learn more about different types of online gambling, while being entertained.

This type of content can come in many forms, whether it’s introductory and is to help learn some of the phrasing that is involved in iGaming or more advanced with different kind of betting strategies to employ.

As this kind of content is becoming more and more important in our industry, we reached out to the team at BestOdds to get extra insight on this. We spoke with their Lead Editor, Malcom Darnley, to get his thoughts on how to create this kind of content and what can help your content stand out. If you’d like to get in touch with BestOdds to discuss how you can partner with them, click the link below!


Why is this kind of content so important?

As the iGaming industry is a complex one that is welcoming in many newcomers, they will need help learning and being educated on all the different lingo and concepts. Additionally, with so much regulation and focus on responsible gaming, brands should look to get ahead of this with educational content to try to stand out.

Darnley echoed this, saying “Standing out from the crowd and having your message be heard is a fundamental skill set that requires thought and creativity. The ability to provide insightful information and present it to your audience in an entertaining way is what we are all searching for.”

Different types of educational content to try:

There isn’t one type of content that iGaming brands affiliates should try, as it really depends on their audience and the verticals they’re looking to service. Darnley feels similarly, expressing that “the reality is that having an integrated strategy to reach today’s multi-platform consumers is a must. iGaming is a term that is very broad in meaning and can include a lot of different opportunities, so having different mediums for different purposes and reach is crucial.”

Here are some different kinds of educational content to try with your iGaming, but there are many more than this as well, so iGaming brands and affiliates should look to try all the ones that may fit with their audience.

  • How-to-guides and tutorials
  • Infographics
  • Gamified quizzes
  • Educational blogs
  • Live Streams

How to stand out:

With the iGaming market being a newer one, naturally there are a lot of different providers trying to create this kind of content and it can be tricky to differentiate yourselves from the rest. For Darnley, the idea here is to understand your customers and focus on them, not other factors. He mentions “I would tell our team to produce content designed for our consumers rather than for SEO. Make the content original, creative and available on multiple platforms for the most effective reach possible. The difference can sometimes be subtle, but the consumer can understand and gravitate towards content designed for them and not designed to win the digital SEO battle.”

This kind of thinking is paramount here, as creating content with a sole focus on SEO or a similar factor like paid social campaigns can lead to content that doesn’t connect well with your audience. The iGaming market is evolving and the type of content users expect is as well.

Darnley echoes this again, saying “obviously, one of the most effective ways of standing out in a crowded space is the ability to entertain your audience. It’s important to remember two vital points:

  • Storytelling is power.
  • Humor is powerful.”

It is not easy to create educational content that is either funny or presents a greater story than just explaining a particular aspect of iGaming, but it can be the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one.

Looking forward:

While it may seem complex to make a splash with educational content, the main idea should be to focus on entertaining your audience. While iGaming is a career for many of us in the industry, for most users it is simply an enjoyable pastime. As they look to get involved, entertaining them, while teaching them about different kinds of verbiage, betting styles or even just giving them betting suggestions, will be the strongest path forward.

Big thanks to BestOdds for their contribution to this article and their valuable insights!