Efficient Ads – The Art of Advertisement Targeting

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Ad Targeting

Although the concept of sensory overload was originally used to describe the human body’s physiological responses to being bombarded with stimuli, a parallel can be drawn to what individuals feel while using the internet. Ad serving is a way to streamline the process so that customers are specifically targeted with information that is relevant to them, increasing the efficiency of your marketing campaign.

Targeted Ad-serving sifts through the vast expanse of the web to deliver advertisements that are relevant. These ads generate 2.7 times more revenue than non-targeted ads and are twice as effective at converting clicks into purchases, according to a study by the Network Advertising Initiative.

How to segment your audience

Facebook, the world’s largest social media website, has built much of its empire from advertising revenue. A few months ago the company decided to overhaul its ad targeting process to focus on four main categories: location, demographics, interests and behaviours.

Location-based targeting or ‘geo-targeting’ on Facebook can be done using any combination of country, state, city and ZIP code based distinctions. Demographic-based targeting at Facebook includes, but is not limited to, age, gender, relationship status, education and workplace.

Facebook’s old methods came under fire because of the ease with which spammers took advantage of their website, rendering the notion of efficiency an afterthought. As an operator or an affiliate in the iGaming industry it is imperative that you are reaching the right people in an efficient manner. Various verticals within the iGaming industry can be broken down based on the same demographic indicators that Facebook uses to advertise.

For example a sports betting affiliate needs to be reaching players who are interested in sports. The channel through which they operatr should be optimized to reach individuals who are demographically most likely to turn a click into a purchase. An affiliate’s content needs to cater to those exact demographics.

Income Access’ Ad Serving software connects specific advertisements to browsing settings and temporal data. The world of sports is based around key events and advertising should be tailored around these events.

Ad Serving to Geo target-better

Much as Facebook caters to individuals based on their location, Income Access’ ad-serving technology harnesses the power of geo-targeting. In the iGaming industry, where regulation varies greatly depending on a player’s location, geo-targeting ensures two things. First, that ads to users in different locations are corresponding with their geographic description. Second, that you are able to monitor users in and around newly regulated jurisdictions to ensure compliance is being maintained.

Facebook took a step forward with its ad-targeting campaign and in the process showed the importance that ad-serving has. There are numerous operators and affiliates who are attempting to attract players. Efficiently advertising to them through geo-targeting and demographics-based indicators enables individuals to be reached by content that is relevant to them. As a result, the overwhelming nature of the sensory overload is reduced and CRM is increased.