Ever thought of becoming a lottery affiliate?

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While buying a lottery ticket at the newspaper kiosk became a routine for millions of people, selecting those lucky numbers online is still new to most. As sports betting, casino and bingo have dominated the online markets in Europe, affiliate sites have become increasingly saturated for these verticals, making it more difficult for new affiliates to profit if they haven’t been involved for a lengthy amount of time.

Enter the lottery market – a vertical that has been around for a while but has not been tapped to its full potential. With new online lottery brands being launched in Europe relatively often, you may want to consider taking advantage of becoming an affiliate in this vertical now.

Here are a few key benefits to becoming a lottery affiliate:

Low competition

Casino, poker, sports betting and bingo represent the main categories of most online gambling affiliate sites. Although these are the most popular online games for gamblers, competition among affiliates is tense and it can be difficult to earn a decent monthly commission.

On the contrary, lottery is still a niche vertical. New brands are tapping into an online market which is still in its early development -for affiliates it’s a perfect opportunity to explore new ways of promoting online.

Easy promotion

The existing popularity of lottery represents another advantage: most peoplealready know how to play the lottery. This means less explaining the how-to’s and more room for pointing out the USPs of what each individual brands offer.

Steady income

From the revenue point of view, lottery brands generally offer commissions on tickets sold. Brands such as 7Lottos and Hiperlotto offer lifetime revenue share for all affiliate-referred players. When taking into account that most lottery players buy tickets on a regular basis over a long period of time, you can expect a constant income from your referred players.

In lottery, players also participate in syndicates, meaning they participate in groups to pool tickets and increase the chances to win. It is common to purchase monthly direct debits when there are syndicates involved. For affiliates, this means an even more stable source of income.

Ideal for social media

Finally, for lottery players that form a syndicate, inviting their friends to play with them represents an additional fun factor. Social media makes it easier than ever to propose an idea like “Let’s play lottery together!” to one’s personal network. If you manage to pool such referrals on your social media channels, one single player can become the source of a flow of new referrals.

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