Why Facebook Reactions are Better for Your iGaming Brand

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The days of “liking” the unfortunate passing of your friend’s cat are gone, as Facebook has introduced their new Reactions feature, which lets users express how they truly feel about a given post. Now, with the option of choosing between Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry, users have more freedom in expressing how they feel, without necessarily taking the time to write an entire comment.

Facebooks states that the Reactions feature was “designed to give people a more nuanced way to share a response to a Facebook post quickly and easily”. This lets users show more emotion when responding to a post, which opens up some interesting opportunities for businesses and can change how they approach their Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook Reactions

How do Your Customers Really Feel?

The iGaming industry is extremely competitive, which of course provides players with a huge array of gaming brands to choose from. There are many factors that come into play, such as game selection, customer support and payment processing, yet ultimately emotion toward the brand is likely the deciding factor when players commit to an establishment.

Reactions are a quick and easy way for users to relay their emotion towards a certain post. Though not as detailed as comments, they are a good insight on what a player truly feels. When setting up your Facebook marketing strategy, it will now be important to take a look at the Reactions left by fans. If your posts received many Angry or Sad reactions, careful consideration should be taken to establish the cause of this negative feedback.

Time to React

One of the biggest challenges social media marketing managers face is finding the perfect balance between providing fans with interesting content and promoting their product or service. In general, accounts too focused on selling do not succeed in the medium, as their account is deemed too corporate rather than social.

Now that players are using Reactions to express how they feel about your iGaming brand, it is time for you to reciprocate. Using these Reactions is a quick and easy way to add a more human feel to your corporate Facebook account. Taking the extra second to leave a Reaction, rather than a standard Like, will help establish a stronger connection with customers. Did someone post about winning a jackpot on at your casino? A Wow Reaction would be in order!  Players will feel as though your brand actually cares, which will in turn impact the emotion they have for your brand.

Next Steps

The Facebook Reactions tool is still fairly new and its growth will be interesting to monitor through the upcoming months. Start playing around with this feature and see how it can work for your brand. Reply to a customer or set up a free bet contest to encourage your fans to Love a post. All in all, the goal is to ensure players associate positive emotions with your brand, and these Reactions can play a helpful role in reaching your target.

Have your clients started using Reactions on your content? Let us know in the comments how you see Reactions fitting in with your iGaming brand!

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