Fall iGaming Conferences: Key Takeaways From SBC Latam, G2E and SiGMA 2022

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As the iGaming world continues to evolve and grow heading into the new year, attending iGaming conferences allows the IA team to connect with everyone in the industry, noting exciting new trends, product, markets and much more!

Over the last few months, the IA team has had the pleasure of attending SBC Summit Barcelona, G2E 2022, SBC Summit Latinoamérica and SiGMA Malta, letting us connect with brands, affiliates and suppliers to keep up to date on all vital happenings in the iGaming world.

With all that in mind, here are the biggest takeaways from the major iGaming conferences of the fall of 2022.

Latam is Picking Up

At every conference IA attended in late 2022, the topic of the Latin American market was a major one. As one of the emerging markets in the iGaming world, it’s become a major focus for many different brands and affiliates. In particular, the markets of Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru seem to be getting the most attention, with regulations evolving in those markets to allow for new operators to emerge and reach different audiences.

Despite its rapid growth, the Latin American is still a newer one, with simpler tech than other, more established geos. One of the major talking points of the conference was more work needs to be done on educating the audience about iGaming products and ensuring that all products being offered to the market are properly localized.

Localization is always an important topic when it comes to iGaming and brands moving into new markets and it’s no different for Latam. Both brands and affiliates that spoke to IA emphasized that brands need to ensure proper translation to local languages, considering the different dialects used depending on the region, and offer local payment methods.

It was also mentioned that operators looking to expand here through affiliate marketing can look to social media and channels like WhatsApp to connect with affiliates in this area and expand their affiliate network.

Other Exciting Markets

Latin America wasn’t alone in being spoken about, as there are a variety of other emerging iGaming markets that were large focuses of recent conferences.

One of these exciting markets is the one in Hungary, where they introduced new iGaming legislation earlier in 2022, allowing private operators to enter the market. Both affiliates and operators at the conferences seemed excited about this geo, as this change in regulation also allowed users to use their credit cards for online deposits. These exciting developments have made Hungary an iGaming market to keep an eye on going into 2023.

Additionally, Asia and Australia are coming into focus as well, with Australia, India and Japan being mentioned as exciting new venues for brands and affiliates to branch out into.

Crypto and iGaming

While cryptocurrencies are currently undergoing a strange time in their young history, the buzz around them at iGaming conferences was palpable. As users around the world continue to look for additional crypto options, both affiliates and operators are looking for extra ways to provide them options.

In particular, they are exploring different options for crypto casinos, which have emerged in popularity over the last couple of years and show no signs of slowing down.

Additionally, there was also interest in the concept of offering payments to affiliates in cryptocurrency. As crypto becomes more popular worldwide, it would only make sense that certain affiliates would prefer payment in that form. Brands are beginning to take note and hopefully this will be something that’s offered more generally in the coming years.

Affiliate Requests

When discussing different talking points with affiliates, one that came up was related to mobile-app tracking, particularly in the US. They hope to see greater development here, especially considering that mobile-app traffic is over 70% for clients, showing how much mobile has taken over the iGaming industry.

On top of that, affiliates are always looking for more transparency on data, particularly in emerging markets. Without this kind of transparency, it can be difficult for affiliates to optimize their campaigns and increase the reach they can offer brands.

It was a productive group of conferences for Income Access, allowing us to connect with the iGaming world and better understand the trends in the industry. We look forward to seeing you all at the next conferences, where we can continue discussing all matters iGaming and continue to move our industry forward!