G2E 2021: A Look Back with Income Access

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G2E was a week to remember after over a year without in-person events and the American Gaming Association (AGA) was more than ready to launch the Global Gaming Expo for 2021.

The conference, which covers trends and innovation in the gaming industry, took place from October 4th to 7th and was held in the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas. Thousands of attendees were able to witness the spectacle right from the show floor and convention center, which Income Access was thrilled to be a part of.  

In case you couldn’t be there, our team members who participated have shared some of their experiences and takeaways from the conference. Whether you’re an operator, affiliate, or just curious, read below to relive the event and learn about the future of North American gaming!

Returning to Live Events Post-Pandemic

Despite travel restrictions limiting the number of people who could attend, this year’s conference was business as usual. Conversations were flowing, partnerships were forming, and the buzz was back. Even Nevada’s governor made an appearance to express his optimism for gaming with the land-based casino industry quickly coming back to life.

The conference itself was energizing, as people finally got to meet each other, some for the first time and some after a long while. For everyone, G2E provided the perfect opportunity for gaming operators, affiliates, and service providers to connect. Amid all the action, Paysafe/Income Access was proud to be participating and exhibiting at a booth!

Emerging Trends in North America

Although G2E started primarily as a conference for the land-based casino industry, a significant trend in recent years has been the rise of digital offerings. Ranging from iGaming options like online casinos to services like digital wallets and cashless payments, the message is clear: the digital presence in gaming is growing rapidly.

For Affiliates: With a greater digital focus this year, North American casino and gaming operators are more aware of affiliate marketing today than ever before. This was evident at the conference as operators asked questions about how to best work with affiliates rather than why use affiliate marketing. This is great news for affiliates, who primarily promote brands online and rely on digital services to achieve their results.

Many affiliates at G2E also expressed a strong interest in working with operators in the US, especially as states are opening up to the gaming industry. Affiliate conversations centered on which brands were launching and how soon they could partner with them. From these discussions, it’s clear that the ability and potential for affiliates to promote in the US is only increasing.

An example of this is the new wave of mid-tier and bespoke operators who fill the niches left by larger brands. In many states, smaller gaming companies are emerging to fit the unique needs of the region and they were a significant part of the conference. For affiliates, this provides a wide array of brands to promote across North America!

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For Operators: Affiliate marketing drives a significant volume of player acquisition, so affiliate feedback was a major topic for operators at G2E. One key point was a need for brands to prioritize good reporting software and high-quality data to maximize the success and results of their affiliates’ campaigns.

Affiliates also discussed how localizing operator sites for each state could improve the player experience – after all, each state in the US has its differences and preferences which can affect the player journey. During these conversations, affiliates spoke about importance of mobile betting options, which is something North American gaming operators should look to in the near future.

Among operators, there was an emerging focus on cashless payments. With the emphasis on contactless payment options during the pandemic, as well as a growing understanding of digital wallets, cashless transfers will become more common in the coming years. In fact, Income Access is a part of Paysafe’s Digital Wallets arm and has partnered with Skrill to provide these services for both operators and affiliates.

Another common theme for operators was an interest in partnerships between online sportsbooks and casinos. With sports betting gaining a stronger foothold in North America, both land-based and online casinos are looking to capitalize on these connections. And at the same time, gaming operators are also investing more into sports teams themselves as seen with recent NFL deals.

Final Thoughts

For all the glamour of G2E, the conference was a highly productive experience for all who attended. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and foster new relationships within the industry. And as affiliates look to partner with more brands, and as operators begin to enter more states, we at Income Access are excited for the direction of North American gaming.