Leveraging Data with Google Tag Manager and Income Access

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Do you know what the most important element of digital marketing is? Some people may think it is the utilisation of multiple channels, others may believe it is having a big budget to spend. While both of these factors contribute greatly to the success of a campaign, there is one thing that comes out on top every time: data. Digital marketing thrives on data. No matter what type of product you are trying to market, it is critical to understand how affiliates interact with your website.

That is why Income Access is excited to announce our latest integration with the Google Tag Manager (GTM) tool. Working with GTM will allow affiliate managers to better interact with and attract affiliates to their programme, by implementing third party tools or scripts.

How can our clients use Google Tag Manager?

With this integration, Income Access clients will be able to use Google Tag Manager on any of the four public affiliate pages (Registration, Login, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions) in order to gain access to a wide variety of different features. Once Google Tag Manager has been enabled, our clients will be able to easily and directly integrate tags from the GTM console into the Income Access platform.  These tags will allow for a more thorough understanding of affiliate conversions, site analytics and provide access to a variety of tools in a quick and seamless way.

Google Tag Manager helps you leverage your data

What are the benefits of Google Tag Manager?

The main benefit Google Tag Manager provides our clients with is the ability to integrate a wide range of third-party tags onto their affiliate programme public facing pages without the need of requiring support from any development team. Its built-in templates make GTM an easy tool to use, so clients can make updates to tags on the fly, which will save them time and increase their efficiency.

Existing Income Access operator partners can ask their respective Account Managers for more details on how to have the Google Tag Manager tool enabled in their platform. Our team will be happy to provide guidance on how to get set up and use the tool.

Please contact Income Access for any additional queries regarding the integration with Google Tag Manager and its benefits for both merchants and affiliates.