The Importance of Adopting a Growth Mindset in Affiliate Marketing (Part 2)

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In an op-ed for iGB Affiliate on cultivating a growth mindset, and ahead of iGB Affiliate Lisbon, we took the opportunity to contribute to the publication’s Oct/Nov 2019 issue. It’s where we discussed the ways in which operators and affiliates can leverage continuous learning to become even more resourceful and innovative in the affiliate marketing community. Below wehighlight some of the educational and relationship-building opportunities available for both operators and affiliates in the iGaming industry.

While you can check out the complete article on iGB Affiliate, it’s also available here. The first part was published yesterday, and the second and final part can be accessed below.

A Timely Discussion

As conference season gets into full swing, we’re reminded that organisers are essentially advocates for an industry-wide growth mindset, even if those aren’t the precise words used in their promotion. Agendas for these events are increasingly tailored and timely in their reflection of emerging trends and talking points from across the industry, providing attendees with something that can serve as a catalyst for deeper learning once they return to their home office.

The opportunities for education and relationship-building also extend beyond the conference floor. One current example is Clarion Gaming’s six-part WrB Responsible Gambling Webinar Series, which runs from July to January. Covering such topics as responsible game design, at-risk VIP customers and responsible advertising, the series is a valuable exploration of topics that touch every facet of the iGaming community.

Given the iGaming industry’s perpetual state of unsettledness, affiliates and operators should be insatiable in their desire for similar content that can inform their approach to business and problem-solving. And it’s that point which bring us back to the importance of having a growth mindset that is both conscious and purposeful, not simply a fortuitous series of decisions.

In a recent contribution to, Rob Jardin, Head of Research and Solutions at the NeuroLeadership Institute South Africa, explained misconceptions about the growth mindset as well as the optimal method for companies to carry out its implementation.

“For a growth mindset to be established in organisations, management needs to lead the overall process. Thus, there needs to be a shared language,” Jardin says. “To ensure that there is a shared language, managers should encourage employees to build the right behaviours, and have systems and processes in place that promote a growth mindset throughout the organisation.”

Given the wealth of information available to affiliates, operators and solutions providers, leaders and their respective teams should have every opportunity to embrace a shift in how they accept failure, promote learning and translate those efforts into a more efficiently run business.

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