HTML5: Not Just a Flash in the Pan

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With all of the effort you put into developing your creatives and carefully targeting your players, the last thing you want is for your ads to go unseen because of compatibility issues, especially when they are so easy to avoid. By shifting from Adobe Flash ads to HTML5, you can make sure that your ads are in the best position to be seen by players. This will in turn maximize your engagement and conversions.

Here are three key reasons you want to embrace HTML5 ASAP:

1. Mobile Responsive

Reaching players on mobile is more important than ever. Don’t believe us? Think back to the ruckus ‘mobilegeddon’ caused. Flash ads are not optimized for mobile display and both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems have stopped supporting Flash plugins – that’s more than 95% of the global mobile market.

HTML5, on the other hand, displays your media-rich ads as they were meant to be displayed, with the added bonus of no annoying plugin updates for users.

2. Increase Browser Compatibility

Google Chrome’s increasing share of the browser market recently hit 25%. The popular browser is beginning to phase out its Flash compatibility and Chrome users have had to ‘click-to-play’ Flash content as of 1st September.

It’s hard enough to catch the attention of today’s ad-savvy internet user – requiring them to physically click on your ad in order to see it in its entirety is a sure-fire way to stall your impression rate. Chrome’s compatibility changes may be part of a larger industry trend. For instance, Amazon stopped accepting Flash ads in 2015. By switching to HTML5, you can avoid the click-to-play problem and ensure that your ad is compatible with major advertising platforms.

3. Bottom Line: Improve Ad Engagement

With users increasingly engaging with brands on multiple platforms, even converting across multiple platforms, broad compatibility is key in order to get the most out of your media-rich ads. Switching to HTML5 isn’t just a matter of avoiding problems with Flash. In fact, HTML5 ads actually perform more reliably than Flash ads and are more secure.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose and countless players to gain.