ICE / iGB London 2023 Preview: Everything You Need to Expect!

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As they do every year, the iGaming world is set to descend on London for two of the biggest iGaming conferences of the year, with ICE London and iGB Affiliate 2023. Taking place at the ExCel London, ICE London will be from February 7th to 9th, while iGB Affiliate will take place from February 9th to the 11th.

Income Access is delighted to be attending these terrific events and can’t wait to re-connect with all different corners of the iGaming world. If you’d like to book a meeting with our team, please click on the link below!

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With all that in mind, we’ve put together this preview piece to outline some of the hot topics that are going to be popular during these conferences.

Emerging Markets

As regulations continue to evolve worldwide, there are always new markets that are becoming available to operators and affiliates, making it key to stay on top of all these developments.

At the moment, Latin America is one of the most talked about markets in the iGaming world, with multiple countries regulating or looking to regulate their online gaming.

As an example of the strength of this growing market, both ICE and iGB will host some seminars focusing on the Lat-Am market, showcasing it as one to watch in 2023!

While not as far along as the Latin American market, the Asian market is also beginning to heat up as more countries are considering the prospects of regulating their iGaming sectors, in order to help protect users. In particular, Japan and India have been mentioned as potential hotspots of the continent, as operators and affiliates look for alternatives to North America and Europe. There will also be a presentation on this burgeoning market at iGB Affiliate for those interested.

SEO, Google & Cookieless Tracking

As always there’s always a lot of discussion on SEO and how affiliates can use Google and search engines effectively to acquire new users. As the move towards cookieless tracking has begun, how has it been affecting affiliates? That’s a question that will be paramount at this year’s iGB Affiliate conference, with a variety of presentations on the topic to help affiliates better understand the current landscape on Google and with SEO.

As with any massive change from Google’s perspective, the effects will be felt over time and it’s vital for affiliates to stay on top of how these changes are affecting them.

Offline vs Online

The last few years in the iGaming and gambling scenes have been interesting, as a variety of factors, including COVID19, forced users online and made that a greater focus at these events. With the industry moving towards a more online focus, will this year’s event be dominated by online brands?

The iGaming world continues to grow at a rapid pace, growing to $81.08 billion in 2022, which marks a 24% increase from 2020, when it was $65.3 billion. 

This demonstrates the growing power of online brands, as gambling is no longer something that requires a physical destination. As the market adjusts to these changes, it will be interesting to see how this affects conferences going forward and their focuses.

New Marketing Channels?

As operators and affiliates look to connect with new users, what ways can they go about it? These conferences are terrific opportunities to learn about new marketing channels and these are the two points that are going to be prevalent.

TikTok has been growing within the iGaming world and while TikTok has very strict rules for advertising gambling content, that doesn’t mean the platform can’t be useful for affiliates looking to reach new users. If affiliates can understand the rules and regulation, while creating engaging content, this can be a very effective way to diversify your audience.

TikTok isn’t alone with its stronger regulations, as many different social media and live streaming platforms are building out their rules in order to protect its users and ensure a high quality of content. While that can seem like a deterrent, these are still terrific avenues to acquire traffic and learning how to navigate their regulations should be paramount. iGB Affiliate will have several seminars on these topics and it can be a great way for operators and affiliates to learn more.

The IA team is excited to be attending ICE and iGB Affiliate London 2023 and can’t wait to see you all there. These conferences are an opportunity for the entire iGaming world to reconnect and we’re excited for all the insights that will be shared. If you’d like to book a meeting with our team, please click on the link below!

Meet with our Affiliate Team | Meet with our Account Management Team