ICE / iGB London 2022 Preview: Expectations and Opportunities

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It’s an exciting time in the iGaming world, as key members of the industry descend upon London for two of the biggest conferences of the year. With ICE London taking place on April 12th-14th and iGB Affiliate London on April 13th-14th, all eyes are on the United Kingdom right now!

These two conferences bring together all corners of the iGaming world in one space, making them the ideal place to meet new contacts, catch up with old ones and build out your network. Income Access is delighted to be attending both conferences and look forward to reconnecting with everyone at one of the iGaming world’s biggest events.

With all that in mind, and with help from the experts working at Income Access, we’ve put together this piece to outline some of our expectations for these exciting events, along with some of the biggest opportunities we think will be discussed at the conferences.

Marketing Strategies

As the iGaming world continues to grow throughout the world, with new countries being regulated almost every week, how to market effectively to users is as important as ever. A conference like this one provides the opportunity for attendees to learn which new areas are rapidly growing and what brands are doing to get the best exposure in new geos.  A one-size-fits all approach rarely works and a conference like this can give you the tools to optimize your marketing strategy.

Potential for Affiliates

With iGB Affiliate London focusing on affiliate marketing in the iGaming world, there’s bound to be plenty to learn about at the event. One of the main focuses appears to be on SEO and providing affiliates with the ability to optimize their content for it. As affiliates jockey for position and the attention of users, focusing on SEO seems to be paramount and there are three different panels at the event focused on it. There are also a variety of other panels to sit in on, which can help affiliates gain insight on how the market is changing and give them the tools to adapt to upcoming trends more successfully.

The conference also provides an opportunity to foster stronger relationships and trade tips on what’s working in different areas. By meeting with affiliates, clients and partners, feedback can be found on what works well and what red flags should be watched out for.

Exciting Markets

Both Americas are becoming more regulated, giving operators plenty of opportunity to connect with new users in geos that are hungry for this kind of content.

When the iGaming world comes together for a massive conference, one of the most pressing questions is which market is showing the most potential. For this year, there appears to be two markets that are being discussed, even having full panels on them at the conference, and they are Latin and North America.

Both iGB London and ICE London are providing panels on these markets and we suggest taking advantage of these. There are a variety of experts who will be speaking and it will likely offer tremendous insight for those who attend. To read more about them, you can click on these links:

Content Marketing

From a content perspective, big changes in regulations worldwide have led to affiliates and operators alike entering new areas to try and connect with new users. With that in mind, a large topic will be how to create content for different markets in varied stages of maturity. While some markets are newer and require more educational content, some areas have already been regulated for a while and their audience will look for more advanced content to be offered.

Location won’t be the only focal point from a content standpoint, as we can expect a bunch of dialogue around new platforms being used to promote iGaming. This can range from new social media platforms like TikTok to how the industry will adapt to the changing regulation on live-streaming services like Twitch.


Income Access is thrilled to be attending this staple in the iGaming world as it returns to center stage in April. There have been a vast number of changes to the iGaming industry since this event was last hosted, making it an exciting time to attend this global in London.

We look forward to connecting with all of you there! If you’d like to schedule a meeting with our team, email us at the link below!

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