iGaming Affiliates on the Move: Apple Decision Opens Up a World of Mobile Opportunity

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Mobile gaming apps and affiliate apps have exploded in popularity this year. iGaming affiliate apps are set to get even more popular following Apple’s decision yesterday to liberalise its stance on in-app betting apps. The age of the affiliate app is arguably now upon us!

Still not convinced about mobile and apps in particular? A recent Deloitte market report predicted that “mobile will continue to be the biggest growth area” in the iGaming industry. Within mobile itself, players’ app usage continues to rise and rise – reaching as high as 86% this year as the mobile web fell to 14%.

The app is officially king, though something stopped iGaming affiliates attending the coronation. Apple’s iOS Store was closed to their apps that featured in-app betting. Was closed, we emphasise. Yesterday, the tech giant running the world’s largest app store, which hosts more than 1.3 million apps, opened its doors once again to affiliates’ in-app betting apps.

Wednesday’s announcement sees Apple change its mind. Back in September, the company warned a number of leading sports-betting affiliates that their apps with integrated wallet functionality would only be welcome in the iOS Store if they had an official gambling license.

Now that Apple has officially liberalised its policy, we’re certain to see strong growth in the number of mobile gaming affiliates and in their development of apps. We will likely see the mobile app become the most popular way for a punter to place a bet.

At Income Access, we’re all about the future. With one eye on tomorrow and the other on iGaming operators and affiliates, we’ve developed a mobile software development kit (SDK) for our acquisition-tracking platform. Using our mobile SDK, you can now track a range of mobile data for apps and the mobile web, including device information, downloads, installs, registrations, deposits and in-app play.

We’ve already seen strong interest from operators and affiliates alike. Like Income Access and Apple, they realize that the future’s mobile. Let’s move towards it together.