‘The Value of Trust’ from iGaming Business (Part 1)

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How can operators maintain a strategic advantage in increasingly saturated and competitive markets? This is the question we discussed in the article we developed for iGaming Business, which also explores the topics of cultivating brand loyalty, branding and user experience.You can read the full article on iGaming Business. The article is also available here with part one featured below. Part two can be accessed here.

For iGaming brands, affiliates and operators, anticipating market developments is essential to staying ahead of the competition, especially in saturated markets. In terms of the evolving regulatory landscape, European stakeholders need to be increasingly dedicated to strategic planning and responsiveness as they look to establish an advantageous position within the industry.

For example, over the last few years the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has increased its scrutiny on the area of responsible gambling and player protection. As a result, realising the goal of being an industry leader will require a consistent, vigilant study of evolving industry standards. It requires focus on regulations and compliance, innovative marketing tactics and a comprehensive analysis of prospective digital acquisition channels, all the while keeping enhanced user experience top of mind.

Collaborative Marketing Efforts with Affiliates

Adhering to industry standards requires in-depth knowledge of standards and policies surrounding the promotion of iGaming brands, especially as it pertains to affiliate marketing.

For brands, effective marketing begins with identifying and understanding your audience, creating content that ranks and packaging it for each channel. Additionally, a revenue-based compensation model that encourages long-term affiliate partnerships, paired with an emphasis on reliability, will make a programme more durable. Maintaining affiliate engagement is an activity that also feeds into building trust, and most importantly, brand loyalty.

Strengthening existing digital channels like social media and media buying creates a more authoritative and sustainable marketing mix. By regularly monitoring the performance of each source of traffic, businesses can focus on those that work best, optimise their approach and increase allocated budgets to tailor a strategy for success.

In terms of websites, it’s still all about ranking. Content and keywords are the drivers of a favourable search engine results pages (SERP) ranking, in addition to quality creative materials, licensing information, contact details and a terms and conditions section explicitly stating any relevant restrictions. Ensuring a healthy return on investment (ROI) also requires an investment in affiliate relationships, which in turn translates into loyalty.

Player loyalty has evolved beyond premiums, instead being motivated by connecting with a trustworthy brand and feeling valued as a customer. Brands with limited marketing spend should turn their focus on displaying value through each interaction in the acquisition funnel. From first click to deposit and withdrawal, a good experience from the start will solidify a brand’s reputation in the market.

Businesses can exhibit a forward-thinking approach to marketing by recognising and responding to emerging trends, including the ever-growing appeal of influencer marketing within the iGaming market.

Influencers cultivate strong relationships within their community and can drive high levels of engagement as a result. If leveraged correctly, this can deliver a high ROI for affiliates, especially when coupled with popular channels like Twitch, which according to its TwitchAdvertising.tv page, has over 15 million unique daily visitors.

Businesses can work with influencers through ad promotions, YouTube videos, sponsored giveaways and more. Strategic corporate partnerships can also help elevate brand awareness and credibility.

Strengthening these relationships through marketing can encourage more productive discussions about developing a trustworthy reputation in a highly regulated industry.

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The second and final part of the article will be shared tomorrow, in which we’ll tackle the subjects of brand reputation and consumer loyalty.