iGaming in New York: Where the Market is After their Big Start

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New York, often referred to as “The Empire State,” is a flourishing state in the online gambling world, home to many sports lovers and sports teams. With the huge success of mobile sports betting, which took off in 2022, lots of interest sparked for legalizing iGaming as a whole, since the state sits on so much potential. Currently, the neighboring states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are permitting online casinos, so lots of attention has fallen on New York’s interest in legislation to legalize iGaming.

A Look into the Success of Sports Betting

It’s no surprise that New York boasts high revenue from sports gambling, in a city that’s fueled by ravenous sports fans. Just over the last two years of being legalized, sports gambling has topped $2.9 billion in revenue within the state. The top sportsbook operators are FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM, and BetRivers, accounting for a large portion of the revenue. With the rapid evolution of mobile applications and online platforms, this has revolutionized the sports betting landscape. In fact, New York is now the largest sports betting market in America, after its big debut with mobile betting.

Along with mobile betting, sports betting operators have capitalized on strategic partnerships with athletes, influencers and celebrities to expand their reach and further solidify their position in the competitive market.

Potential of the Future Plans and What we Can Expect

While iGaming was excluded from the governor’s budget in 2025, there is still lots of talk about where it’s headed in the future. With lots of mixed thoughts amongst the people of New York on legalizing iGaming, one thing is for certain: if it does happen, it will revolutionize New York as a whole. Many gamblers are still navigating to offshore operators and gambling illegally or their options are limited to social/sweepstakes sites that offer slots and table games for free. There’s still much to address before going through with the legalization but it seems like New York is heading in a promising direction for iGaming operators looking to expand in the region. With mobile sports betting in New York being perceived as the number one market in the country, there is no doubt it’ll also be a great environment for iGaming.

Concluding Thoughts

New York has the potential to become one of the most prolific iGaming states in the country. The quick success of sports betting has sparked lots of interest in legalizing iGaming, considering the state’s love for sports and the revenue it brings in. Although the future of iGaming in New York isn’t set in stone, there is still optimism and the state's interest in gambling hint at significant potential. It's a dynamic landscape worth keeping an eye on as it continues to unfold.