Where is the iGaming Industry Headed? Learn with Income Access

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This summer, the Income Access team attended many events and conferences to keep our finger on the pulse of the iGaming industry. With plenty of activities happening around the world, we were able to really get a feel for the entire market and see what the future may hold for both operators and affiliates.Here is the list of events Income Access attended: Betting on Sports Europe, Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA), Canadian Gaming Summit (CGS), SiGMA Americas, iGB Live Amsterdam, and SBC North AmericaAfter participating in speaker sessions, thought leadership panels, masterclasses and more, we’ve gathered all the insights and compiled them below to give you a taste of the action.


Emerging Markets and Related Strategies

There is no doubt that the iGaming industry is growing in both popularity and global exposure. With new regions like Ontario opening up for betting and an explosion in gaming options worldwide, it’s clear that the future of iGaming will see players and merchants coming from many new locations. Across all the conferences, the frequently mentioned countries for new markets were Brazil, Canada and India – a common theme this year. However, from talking to affiliates and operators who are interested in entering these markets, there are a few points to keep in mind.

From SiGMA Americas: Other emerging markets, specifically for LATAM, were Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico.

First, understanding the competitive landscape of the market is crucial. Getting a sense of the players’ interests and their preferred ways of betting can help position upcoming launches for those regions. Similarly, knowing the common affiliate marketing strategies on commission structures and promotion styles will benefit any new project. It’s also essential to localize all communications and promotions when entering these new markets. Connecting to local sports stars, using language and tone that match to the region, and offering convenient payment options are all great ways to start.

Popular Verticals and the Rise of Crypto

Our team attended various conferences this summer ranging from sports betting to tech and supplier events. What stood out above all is the rising popularity of new sports betting options, especially with esports and daily fantasy sports. Players around the world are tapping into these exciting betting options and the market is only set to keep growing. In fact, some estimate that the US sports betting market alone will be worth over $12 billion by 2025, with other regions in Africa and Asia soon to follow. (Source: Vixio) 

Another interesting new development is the growth of cryptocurrency and crypto betting options. With the choices for this currency increasing and more businesses accepting it as valid payment, customers have expressed their interest in crypto-influenced games. The main methods we have seen so far are brands accepting cryptocurrency for deposits and purchases, and platforms where players can bet and win with cryptocurrency.

Users Want Player-Focused Features

An important finding from the conferences was the value of player-focused features, specifically to enhance their betting experience.  Many affiliates and merchants we spoke to mentioned how improving the user experience on their website or adding widgets to display live sports scores boosted player retention. Affiliates also talked about how enabling these features, like having more integrations with the games and providing better information, would elevate their players’ time on the betting platform.

Where does Affiliate Marketing Stand?

From our meetings and discussions with affiliates, merchants and even suppliers, it is clear that affiliate marketing is here to stay. Although this strategy has been popular in historically strong markets like the UK, Germany and other European countries, it is starting to gain a better foothold in new markets too. As brands develop and look to expand into new areas, affiliates have shown their value in understanding players’ needs and connecting them with the right offers.

In some cases, affiliates may be even earlier than merchants to try and enter a new market. The global interest in iGaming is growing and these marketers have proven their abilities to capture user interest. With the power of affiliates already evident, it’s up to them to continue innovating and develop player-focused content and experiences for the iGaming audience.We hope you enjoyed this article covering the recent conferences our team attended! We wish you a productive rest of the year and are excited to see how the iGaming industry continues to progress.

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