In-Person Conferences and Events are Starting: What to Consider in 2021

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As various conferences around the world transition from virtual to in-person attendance since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be questions on how to best settle back into what was once a ‘normal’ activity.

From Covid-safety protocols to the excitement of seeing familiar and new faces alike, in-person events will require new ways to prepare. Drawing on experience from the Income Access team – to help you make the most of your next conference – this guide covers everything you need to consider before attending your next in-person event.

In-Person vs. Virtual Conferences

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an in-person conference is the fact that communication is done in the real world, rather than behind a screen as is the case with a web conference.

Conferences represent a crucial business function as they enable companies to foster productive business links and learn about new insights and exploration in the industry.

In the iGaming industry for example, which is based completely online, most contacts and relationships start virtually. In-person conferences offer the opportunity to put a face to client or partner and elevate those relationships. They also present a valuable space to find new potential partners and strengthen bonds within the industry.

However, in an online environment, personal connections are harder to create and conversations can feel less engaging. This makes it difficult to fully achieve the goals of a conference and can make the overall experience less rewarding.

Make the Most of the Next In-Person Conference

Without the limitations of virtual chatting, take advantage of all the next in-person conference offers! Walk the convention floor, explore new booths, and start conversations with other companies and potential partners. There is quite a bit of foot traffic at these events, so be ready and open to speak about yourself and your company too.

  • Research who will be attending the conference to identify potential partnerships early on
  • Refresh your information on current connections – their branding, services, and partnerships
  • If you plan on scheduling meetings, book at least 60% in advance to ensure your time is productive
  • Prepare all materials ahead of time; brochures, pamphlets, business cards, demo videos, etc.
  • Think about digital alternatives for your promotional materials; QR codes are a quick and easy way to present information without contact
  • Consider online swag/giveaways instead of physical options
  • Use company branding across all promotional material to create a cohesive theme

What’s Different about In-Person Conferences Now

Although these conferences allow for physical proximity and close communication, people attend from around the world, where the impact of Covid and safety protocols are different for everybody. It is important to understand that conference-goers will feel differently in this “new normal” – some may wear a mask and keep a distance and vice versa – make sure they are comfortable before shaking their hand.

Additionally, conferences will have safety measures in place and it is essential to follow these even if they differ from where you live. More in-person conferences can only happen if the upcoming ones are a success.

Before You Attend

Without the comforts of attending from home, it is key to plan ahead to have an optimal experience. Don’t forget to prepare for things like airport security, adapters, foreign currency, and jetlag!Noteworthy iGaming events in 2021

  1. SBC Summit Barcelona: 21 - 24 Sept.
  2. iGB L!ve: 28 Sept. - 1 Oct.
  3. G2E (Global Gaming Expo): 4 - 7 Oct.
  4. SBC Betting on Sports Europe: 9 - 11 Nov.
  5. Finance Magnates London Summit: 16 - 17 Nov.
  6. Sigma Europe: 16 - 18 Dec.
  7. SBC Summit North America: 30 Nov. - 2 Dec.
  8. World Gaming Executive Summit: 6 - 8 Dec.

These dates are subject to change based on government and safety regulations in the host region.

We hope you are as excited about in-person conferences as we are! Here’s to safe and happy travels and productive events ahead.