Our Team Raises Over $8,500 for Canadian Dogs Sanctuary

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At IA we’re focused on supporting our partners and affiliates, but we’re just as keen on supporting our local community with charity work. Our General Manager Tara Wilson and pretty much everyone else at the company are dog lovers, so the choice of charity for our recent garage sale was an easy one!

Selling everything from desktop computers to headphones and speakers, our sale in June was dedicated to supporting the dogs’ sanctuary Forever Homes Rescue in the town of Saint-Michel, not far from our head office in downtown Montreal.  In the process of our sale, we raised more than $8,500 for the organization.

The cheque was presented to owner Sarah Saintsbury (centre right, photo) by our General Manager Tara Wilson (centre left) last weekend. Tara was joined at Forever Homes Rescue by our Project Coordinator Veronica Boggia (second left) and Merchant Service Manager Lotte Goedhart (far right), along with Paysafe Group's Help Desk Administrator Fernando Zappia (first right) and Product Manager Ankit Jain (far left).

More About Forever Homes Rescue

Forever Homes Rescue is a rehabilitation and transfer facility. It is dedicated to reducing the proliferation of puppies in northern Canadian communities. By performing large-scale dog extraction missions, the organization offers an alternative to dog culling. Forever Homes Rescue focuses on dog owner education, along with providing low-cost spray and neuter clinics.

The organization is an important haven for animals in need. Dogs are evaluated, rehabilitated and vetted before they move on to their new families. Forever Homes Rescue, which focuses on all breeds, specializes in English Bulldogs and has a Bulldog Sanctuary Program on its 64-acre ranch.

How Can I Donate?

All the money we raised for Forever Homes Rescue was donated directly. You too can support the facility. The GoFundMe page for the organization can be found here.For more info on Forever Homes Rescue and our charity work in Canada and elsewhere, reach out to our Communications Manager Nick Say.