Infographic | The Growth of eSports Betting

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Much has changed in the realm of video games since the first point was scored in the inaugural game of Pong. From classic arcade games like PacMan to the now-popular first-person shooter games like Call of Duty, video games have surpassed their conventional role in the world of everyday player entertainment to become the focal point of a now booming multi-million dollar eSports industry.

Our long-established stereotypes depicting gamers as teenagers playing in their mothers’ basements, have evolved to encompass people of all ages, backgrounds and education levels.  As a matter of fact, who could predict that becoming a professional video game player would become a potentially viable career path?

We find it fascinating that with the rise of these professional players has come a vast following of loyal fans. As can be expected, this phenomenon has made quite the splash in the betting industry, as more and more viewers are looking to place a bet on the outcome of top matches. With odds calculated in much the same way as per any sporting match – based on player form, history between the two teams, and more – these events are a natural fit for the iGaming world.

How big is the eSports market, really?

In short, very!

We’ve pulled together the top stats and trends into the above infographic, to highlight the success that our partners such as Pinnacle, Betfred, and SkyBet, among others, have already seen. Many already accept bets on the outcome of large tournaments, such as the League of Legends World Championships. As the industry is expected to keep growing, we expect many sportsbooks to likely follow in the near future.

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