Explore Opportunities in Emerging Markets

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Due to their rise in spending power and an interest in mobile gaming, the Asian, African and South American markets present an attractive expansion opportunity for iGaming brands. With countless headlines appearing across the media, these emerging markets have definitely piqued the iGaming world’s interest.

To help you navigate these new markets, we have put together this articlewith need-to-know information and some useful tips on how to get started.

Consider Expanding Into New Markets

The Asian, African and South American economies are expected to continue their growth and we believe more iGaming brands will follow suit and pursue this opportunity to gain first mover advantage.

Luckily, many of the tools already at your disposal can be used to reach new audiences. Here’s how:

1. Connect With Affiliates

When looking to expand into a new market, working closely with affiliates allows you to get your bearings. They are often more in touch with local culture, preferences and traditions and are a valuable source of information.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask affiliates for their opinion. Affiliates like working with brands that take their needs into consideration and are generally happy to share their knowledge.

For example, a sportsbook preparing for the Premier League can ask affiliates if football fans in Africa prefer the team superstars (Wayne Rooney) or the local heroes (Yaya Touré).

2. Target Your Ads

To take advantage of the newly acquired local knowledge, create new banners to suit local preferences. Using an Ad Serving tool, these banners can be displayed depending on player location, yet only one link is required.

For instance, a casino promoting a no deposit bonus can distribute a link to affiliates that shows pounds in the UK and reals in Brazil.

3. Track Segment Performance

To ensure your resources are being spent in the most efficient way, regularly check on programme performance by sorting reports by country and analysing player behaviour.

For example, a bingo brand may find that their most active European segment is women, aged 40 to 55. However, in the South American market, women aged 20 to 35 may be the most active players. By studying these trends, marketing tactics can be altered to best suit each market.

4. Optimise For Mobile

As mobile devices account for the majority of time spent online in many emerging markets, particularly Africa, it is crucial to have a mobile focused strategy in place.

Desktop slot games may be of little use to these players and instead, mobile friendly games should be offered.

As we have seen with NairaBet’s Nigerian sportsbook and SportingBet’s Brazilian division, some of our partners have already successfully ventured into these emerging markets.

Is your brand next to make the move? Get in touch with our team to optimise your marketing strategy to reach these new horizons.

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