Assess Risks, Discover Opportunities and Stay Ahead! Introducing Intel by Rightlander

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Intel by Rightlander partnership with IA

When looking for publishers to work with on campaigns, there are numerous uncertainties that brands are forced to face. Rightlander is looking to ease those uncertainties with their new tool designed to pinpoint potential opportunities with your existing partners.

Whether it’s evaluating the visitor count on a publisher’s site or confirming if the publisher has an existing partnership with your brand, we can assess your potential risks and opportunities within seconds of scanning the page you are looking at with Intel by Rightlander, exclusively at Income Access.

We have partnered with Rightlander and integrated their new tool into our software. With one click, Intel will provide insights into both potential risks and opportunities of a publisher’s site, arming you with all the necessary information for a smoother decision-making process.

About Rightlander

Given the strict advertising regulations that mandate responsible marketing practices for operators, Rightlander equips Income Access clients with the essential tools to navigate the complex world of iGaming. Rightlander is an award-winning supplier of compliance monitoring tools and services, specializing in the global iGaming and forex sectors.

Intel’s Key Feature

  • Seamlessly integrated into the IA Network and white labels
  • Monitors affiliate sites for regulatory compliance
  • Protects client branding
  • Vets new affiliate applications
  • Provides comprehensive insights on site traffic (website traffic based on geo, analysis of traffic trends, traffic sources and destinations, and many more)
  • Offers competitor analysis across high-traffic pages
  • Highlights new opportunities to promote your brands
  • Estimates the ROI of each opportunity
  • Shares notes with other team members on specific sites

This new comprehensive feature will bring even further value to your affiliate marketing efforts, which help you solidify and establish strong affiliate relationships.

Supported Countries

BulgariaIrelandSouth Africa
DenmarkNew ZealandUK

If you are already partnered with Income Access and interested in learning more, please reach out to your dedicated account manager. You can also access the ‘Rightlander Intel FAQ’ document by clicking on the Help icon within your platform.

Learn more and stay ahead with Intel by Rightlander!