Jack Olliver of Colossus Bets Discusses Operator’s World Cup Plans at LAC

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The World Cup is now less than four months away. One operator that will be celebrating the tournament in style is Colossus Bets, the UK-based online sports betting company behind the £10,000,000 Colossus, renowned as the world’s biggest sports bet.

At the recent London Affiliate Conference (LAC), Colossus Bets’ Pool Betting Operator Jack Olliver joined us at the Income Access booth and told us about Colossus Bets’ plans for the World Cup and much more besides.Income Access: Tell us all about the new launches you’ve been discussing at LAC and the reactions to them you’ve been receiving from affiliates and other industry leaders at the conference.Jack Olliver (Colossus Bets)Jack Olliver (left): Since our launch in August 2013, there has been an excellent response to Colossus Bets from both affiliates and players. Featuring the £10,000,000 Colossus – a weekly football correct-score, Pick 7 pool bet – we are the first operator to bring lottery-sized prizes to sports betting.

In addition, we give our players unprecedented control over their destiny through our unique Fractional Cash-In feature. This enables players to bank profits on a part, or all, of their tickets as the matches in a pool progress, whilst still playing for a share of part of the jackpot prize.IA: Do you have any launches related to the FIFA World Cup that will help football fans celebrate their most important event in four years?JO: Colossus Bets will take World Cup 2014 by storm with over £100,000,000 of guaranteed jackpots up for grabs throughout the tournament. For each of the first 21 days of the event we’ll be offering either a £10,000,000 Pick 7 Colossus or a £2,000,000 Pick 6 pool.

We believe that combining truly life-changing prizes with the world’s biggest sporting event will be particularly appealing to the new players that all affiliates and operators will be competing to recruit. No other betting operator will be offering the scale of prizes for World Cup 2014 as Colossus Bets will be offering.IA: How important for your brands is the affiliate channel? Tell us about how you leverage the affiliate channel?JO: Colossus Bets offers a ground-breaking affiliate programme with multiple revenue streams, comprising 5% of player stakes and 2% of both player wins and player cash-ins. We believe the revenue share on stakes will provide a steady income stream for affiliates, with a share of wins and cash-ins being the ‘icing on the cake’.

Last month alone, small-staking Colossus Bets players cashed-in tickets for £84,000, £57,000 and £56,000 – clearly, a small percentage of these types of numbers will quickly add up. These turnover-based revenue streams are based on player lifetime and the affiliate is not penalised for introducing a winning player – in fact, the more that players win, the more our affiliate partner will earn.IA: What are your forecasts for both the iGaming and affiliate industries in 2014?JO: It seems obvious that the importance of mobile devices for all forms of e-commerce and communications will become even more apparent in 2014.

In that context, we believe that the Fractional Cash-In feature pioneered by Colossus Bets, giving players the chance to bank profits multiple times on a single bet over a series of matches/events, should become the industry standard on all multi-leg betting. It is the ideal feature for players who are on the move as scores are confirmed and results in a multi-leg event are resolved.IA: Thank you so much, Jack, for taking the time to sit down with us. We wish you and Colossus Bets all the best for the World Cup and the rest of 2014!For more information on Colossus Bets and the operator’s affiliate programme, please contact Jack Olliver.