Jump into Emerging Markets!

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There is a lot of buzz surrounding Latin America and Asia as emerging markets in the iGaming industry. But what are the benefits for affiliates? Why do and why should affiliates care about emerging markets? The answer is very clear: new markets mean untapped resources.

Affiliates who find themselves taking advantage of emerging markets will be the ones generating the conversions, driving the traffic and making the money. It’s that simple: emerging markets = emerging revenue.

So why is this?


Of course with emerging markets there is less competition as the markets are substantially less saturated. What we have is a situation where there are fewer operators. And where there are fewer operators, there are predictably fewer current players representing fewer accounts.

One overlooked advantage in an unsaturated market is the opportunity for the affiliate to develop a closer relationship with an affiliate manager. This could inadvertently lead to a number of other benefits, including better or more frequent access to (and suggestions for) promotions, creatives or more tailored commission structures.


A first-to-market opportunity (or first mover advantage) is great for affiliates because the early bird gets the worm: get in first and get the players first.

In an open market, affiliates have the opportunity to frame the market. Having an influence on the market in which the affiliate will be taking part could have huge implications. You’ll want to be the one influencing these emerging markets rather than playing catch-up and chasing the crowd.

From an SEO perspective, position yourself to achieve a higher rank with a series of preferred keywords and being one of the first to get in and make an impression with them. These early bird affiliates will have access to keywords that bring in the highest-revenue players and give the biggest ROI in this type of unsaturated market.


New or mid-tier affiliates have an amazing opportunity to learn in emerging markets because they have the exclusive chance to work more closely with operators, giving them a more intimate look at the ropes as they learn them. On the flip side, more experienced affiliates can share their knowledge with the new brands they work with, and help guide their marketing strategies to ensure mutual success.

Affiliates that have experience buying ads (PPC or media buys) can use some of their techniques from higher competition markets to buy traffic in newer, emerging markets and could potentially benefit from lower acquisition costs that have similar player values. This is what we could call a more bang-for-your-buck scenario, with higher ROIs all around.


Here, the bottom line is the bottom line. Affiliates have the opportunity to make more money. The earning potential in these markets is huge. What we’re learning about emerging markets, such as Asia, is that these are hardcore gamers who love to gamble, love to play games and are extremely engaged.

The affiliates that do their homework regarding stipulations, regulations and determining where and how they’re allowed to promote, will be handsomely rewarded because of the massive earning potential in these densely-populated markets. Asia is already one of the biggest sources of revenue in social gaming as it becomes increasingly obvious these are players ready and willing to spend big money playing.

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