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Football Season is Bonus Season at CASHPOINT & XTiP!

With kickoff merely weeks away, fans from around the world are researching matchups, attempting to comprehend Ronaldo’s move to Juventus, and have begun praying for glory. Summertime vibes and the beautiful game – what more could anyone ask for?

As the awkward and slow period between the World Cup Final and commencement of the 2018-19 season mercifully meets its end , CASHPOINT is prepared with bonuses that would make a Manchester United supporter bet on and cheer for Liverpool.

CASHPOINT is ready to help you to make the most of the upcoming season – let the games begin!

Bonuses and Promotions by Brand:


Beginning with an inviting potential €100 welcome bonus, CASHPOINT immediately reveals its commitment to customer care. To reward loyal members, cash-points are attributed depending on player bets and stake, which can eventually be redeemed for a 50% loyalty bonus! Furthermore, with the xTreme Bonus initiative, customers can earn up to an additional 30% bonus on their winnings, simply with a deposit. For full bonus details, please click here.


Similarly, CASHPOINT.dk offers a welcome bonus of up to 1,000 Kr. accompanied by a 50% loyalty bonus, utilising the same cash-point system. Moreover, CASHPOINT.dk even offers a casino bonus valued at up to 1,500 Kr. upon deposit. For full bonus details, please click here.


At XTiP.de, the bonus opportunities are numerous. Upon registration, new players receive a variety of welcome perks valued at up to €100! Furthermore, by combining bets, users can receive bonuses of up to 30%, along with extra chances on certain wagers to win money back! Lastly, all XTiP.de has to offer is also available in mobile form. As if having betting access on the go wasn’t already enticing enough, players also receive a €15 mobile app download bonus. Happy playing – bonus details here.

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Contact our affiliate managers Ioannis and MichaelAngelo and share these exhilarating opportunities with your valued players!

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