Lean & Mean Content Marketing: How to Get Your Strategy in Shape

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Meet the marketing poster boy of 2015: content marketing. Engaging content is now the best way to retain and provide value to your current players and clients and also generate new ones.Today’s competitive marketplace means that an impactful yet cost-effective strategy has never been more important for iGaming operators. That’s why we’ve put together these tips for budget-friendly content marketing – with bite!

The Content Audit: Which Channels Need to Get Into Shape?

  • To improve your content strategy, you first want the full picture of what you’re doing now – and if it’s effective.
  • To audit, catalogue all your current B2C and B2B content channels. This means: on-site content and blog posts, social media, mailers, your articles in the online and print media, etc.
  • Look for overlap, and if any content pieces can be easily repurposed for different channels.
  • Note less strong channels, and if your audience is engaging with your content on the channels you use more extensively.
  • Your audit’s final part: who produces your content? Ideally, you need content marketing specialists on your team. Consider re-prioritizing your resources to make this possible.

The Content Calendar: Your Content Master Plan

  • Your content audit allows you to plan your content effectively. After cataloguing your current content, identify redundancies and, above all, repurpose!
  • What does repurposing mean? If you produce articles for the B2C online poker media and also have a blog for your players, transform your longer articles into shorter blog entries or even Facebook posts.
  • Your strategizing will allow you to create your very own content marketing bible: the content calendar.
  • Like a magazine’s editorial calendar, your calendar plans out the frequency and type of content posts needed for each channel you use.
  • The calendar helps you efficiently plan the deployment of your resources well in advance. It also makes it clear when you miss your content goals and need to re-prioritize.

The Content Evaluation: Do Your Words & Images Add Up to ROI?

  • Your content calendar makes implementing your content marketing strategy easy. Once your cross-channel content ball is rolling, make sure you have access to metrics on their performance.
  • Monitor your social media engagement levels, your mailer open and click-through rates, and blog shares and comments. Cross-check these numbers against your conversion rates and new business leads for each channel.
  • Tracking solutions like the Income Access platform can help you determine whether your channels and campaigns are bringing you a satisfactory ROI.

These tips are not a one-time process. Carry out a content audit every quarter (three months). After every audit, re-adjust your content calendar accordingly. You’ll then be well on your way to maximising both your content’s effectiveness and your overall ROI.

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