Lottoland Discuss Affiliate Marketing & the iLottery Space (Part 2)

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The Gibraltar-based iLottery brand Lottoland relaunched its Income Access-powered affiliate programme last August. We recently spoke to the operator’s Senior Affiliate Manager Stephanie Cook about the progress of the programme over the last 10 months.

In the first half of the interview, which can be viewed here, Stephanie looked at the whole iLottery affiliate channel as well as the Lottoland brand and its affiliate programme. In this final part, she discusses the brand and programme in even more depth.

Income Access (IA): What are the advantages of offering multiple lottery wagering options, rather than directly operating one iLottery brand?

Stephanie Cook (SC), Lottoland: We can serve a much bigger audience and offer a wider variety of products. By operating a site in this manner, we’re able to reach out to players across the world and bring them the opportunity to bet on lotteries from different countries, and in the comfort of their own homes.

IA: Do you feel that affiliates are more attracted to your brand because it offers products from multiple lotteries?

SC: Yes, 100%. Each market has different preferences, and different lottery products they prefer. Our affiliate partners can attract and engage a wide range of people by providing almost all lotteries that they might be interested in, but never previously had the chance to bet on.

IA: What are the biggest benefits you’ve noticed from adding the affiliate channel to your digital strategy?

SC: The affiliate channel has exposed us to a fresh new audience, while also adding value and boosting brand awareness. Trust and interactivity among our players have increased, too. The channel has also helped us build more productive partnerships and diversify our marketing strategy, creating more interesting player promotions as a result.

IA: What affiliate marketing practices have you noticed to be successful?

SC: Collaboration with social media sites and social media posts have proven effective for us. We also regularly update our offers, along with uploading new banner sets for our affiliate partners. Tying in with this, our promotions are customised to each affiliate’s individual needs.

Our support to our partners extends beyond providing materials. We endeavour to reply to any queries within 24 hours, while also offering tailored commission structures and hybrid deals.

IA How has Lottoland’s relaunched affiliate programme evolved over the last 10 months?

SC: Our new programme is now well-organised and structured. Publishers can find the banners and creatives they need, each of which is tailored for different market needs. Since relaunching the programme, we’ve also come up with new promotions and combo offers. We’re proud to say that we’ve onboarded over 100 affiliates, who are actively promoting us.

IA: What plans do you have for the brand over the rest of 2018?

SC: We intend to introduce our brand to more countries and expand our business. The main ones on our mind are Italy, Canada and South Africa. We’ve also launched several new products this year and would like to gain a wider popularity for these.

We’d also like to further develop the casino side and become a competitor to big casino brands. We aim to reach a wider recognition in the world of casino game providers. To help us achieve that, we’re aiming to integrate new gaming partners to the casino side.

IA: Thank you for your time, Stephanie. All the best for the brand and the programme!

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